What is Continuous Delivery?

What is it? How did we get here? Today, every business is a software business. How can Continuous Delivery help optimize the way software is delivered?


Continuous Delivery involves all dimensions of your R&D and Operations organizations – consisting of Team Collaboration, Agile and DevOps practices, Continuous Integration (CI), Build Automation, Test Automation, Deployment Automation and Shared Visibility.


The goal of Continuous Delivery is to keep software release-ready, and enable a repeatable, reliable way to deploy software to any environment.

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a set of practices and methodologies in software development designed to improve the process of software delivery and ensuring reliable software releases.

Continuous Delivery takes Agile to its logical conclusion with a way of working that ensures software is always ready to release. It does this by building upon and extending Agile, CI and DevOps practices and tools to transform the way software is delivered.

You’re doing Continuous Delivery when:

  • Your software is deployable throughout its lifecycle

  • Your team prioritizes keeping the software deployable over working on new features

  • Anybody can get fast, automated feedback on the production readiness of their systems any time somebody makes a change to them

  • You can perform push-button deployments of any version of the software to any environment on demand

Author, Continuous Delivery
“The key test [of whether or not you’ve achieved CD] is that a business sponsor could request that the current development version of the software can be deployed into production at a moment’s notice - and nobody would bat an eyelid, let alone panic.”

Always. Be. Ready.

With Continuous Delivery, software deployments become routine – a boring, push-button process that can be accomplished by any entitled user at any time.

This encourages smaller, more frequent releases – eliminating the risk inherent in larger and more complex “big bang” deployments.

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