In the Hive

Our Values

One Team

We thrive as a Hive. Diverse and inclusive, we bring out the best in each other to achieve more together.

Customer Obsessed

We're passionate about solving complex problems and committed to delivering results that surpass expectations.

Hi(ve)-Speed Innovation

Time moves faster inside the Hive—we’re pushing the possibilities of software at Hi(ve) speed, bringing customers the DevOps transformation journey of the future, now.

Inspired Accountability

We set the bar high—pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Authenticity & Integrity

Honest and real—doing the right thing is part of our DNA. We don't compromise on integrity and trust each other to do the right thing, every time.

Our Culture

In the Hive, we offer a casual work environment where everyone is welcome and encouraged to be their authentic self.
We are a global, remote workforce connected by the power of technology and a commitment to serve each other, our customers and the communities where we live, work and play. We have a powerful culture of togetherness and collaboration.
At the Hive, we offer a casual work environment where is welcome and encouraged to be their authentic self.
We also know how to have fun along the way. Did you know that bees dance? The “round” tells the hive that food is close by.  The “waggle” tells the bees the direction and distance of the food.

Our Company




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Our Customers

Enabling the world’s biggest and brightest companies to transition from incoherent, disconnected DevOps to self-service, fast, secure workflows connecting software delivery to business outcomes.

The Hive is Buzzing

CloudBees: Around the World

CloudBees is a global company with bees pollinating everywhere.

The Hive is Growing Rapidly

From 10 to 500 employees in just 11 years.

CloudBees Provides the Leading Software Delivery Platform for Enterprises


Fortune 100 Financial Services Companies


Fortune 1000 Software & Tech Companies


Global 2000 Software & Tech Companies

Our Investors

Our Impact

We are honored to be recognized by some of the most prestigious industry organizations for innovation, customer satisfaction and excellence.
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