Venture capital investors include Matrix Partners (David Skok, Series-A), Lightspeed Venture (John Vrionis, Series-B) and Verizon Ventures (Dan Keoppel, Series-C). Angel investors include Baseline Ventures, Blue Cloud Ventures, as well as private investors Bob Bickel, Ed Bugnion, J.J. Allaire, John Pearce, Laurence Poussot, Marc Fleury, Michel Goossens and Sacha Labourey.

Funding history:

In 2009, well before it had a name, the concept for CloudBees emerged through impassioned discussions between Sacha Labourey and François Déchery, that were supported and energized by long-time friend and advisor Bob Bickel.

CloudBees was formally founded in April 2010 with a talented group of engineering Bees (Adrian Brock, Ryan Campbell, Michael Neale and Vivek Pandey) as well as a financial, administrative and chief multi-tasking Bee (Laurence Poussot). The team was soon expanded by several acquisitions, most notably of InfraDNA, a company founded by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, and Stax, a company founded by Spike Washburn.

In 2018, CloudBees acquired Codeship. The Codeship by CloudBees products extend the CloudBees product line to include cloud-based, SaaS offerings, in addition to the enterprise-grade, Jenkins-based DevOps solutions around which we were founded.

Today CloudBees has a very large hive of Bees, many of whom are remote and spread out around the globe. Many also work out of five offices, located in: San Jose, California; Raleigh, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; Reading, UK; and Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

The Bees, from investors to employees, share a strong background in the open source business model, and enterprise application development and deployment. Our vision is to provide a range of continuous delivery solutions for DevOps teams of all sizes and who may choose to work on-premise or in the cloud. Our flagship offerings are powered by Jenkins®, the leading open source automation server.

The registered trademark Jenkins® is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Jenkins project and Software in the Public Interest, Inc.