Release orchestration is the gateway to modern software delivery

Is automation driving efficiency, but leaving your teams and pipelines in the dark?

Unlock organizational transformation to optimize processes

Release orchestration sequences these automated tasks into end-to-end process chains to connect different tools, pipelines and environments to provide a holistic view of the software delivery process while improving stakeholder communications. More advanced release orchestration solutions can help unlock organizational transformation by collecting evidence and insights across all software delivery value streams to optimize processes.

8 Benefits to Expect from Release Orchestration

Reduced internal friction

A unified platform to coordinate releases provides visibility and control over the entire development and deployment process. All stakeholders can meet their own requirements without disruptions to their existing workflows or tooling.

Consistency and certainty

Practitioners can model releases into products in their own right, offering a self-service catalog to improve onboarding time by promoting the reuse of best practices with established guard rails for development teams.

Confidence in release decisions

Repeatable pipelines deliver the data that practitioners need to make the final decision when pushing code to production and ensure that all the necessary automated and manual gate conditions have been satisfied.

Enhanced visibility

Automated tasks that are not connected lead to gaps in release advancement. Orchestration prevents this by visualizing data that exposes these hidden risks so practitioners can see and rectify emerging bottlenecks.

Early problem detection

Practitioners get full visibility over the entire software development process allowing them to spot and handle emerging issues before they become full-scale problems.

Security and compliance

An orchestration system is aware of all the steps in your release process. Fine-grained access controls and traceability ensures all objects are documented so that security teams and auditors can quickly assess which security decisions were made, when, and by whom to satisfy compliance requirements.

Better intelligence through analytics

Orchestration gives practitioners a bird's-eye view of release health across the entire technology portfolio, enabling them to quickly analyze key metrics to relay to stakeholders at short notice.

Scalability and flexibility across all environments

An effective orchestration platform dynamically scales with your environment, whether that be on-prem or in the cloud, and supports both traditional and Kubernetes based applications.

How CloudBees helps with release orchestration

With release orchestration, modern organizations can release code with confidence at scale. CloudBees takes this to the next level, going beyond the sequencing of releases to offer:

Higher-order visibility to enable centralized management across teams, processes, features, pipelines, releases, and release dependencies.

The ability to ingest data—beyond just basic DORA metrics—across all tooling in a single view to enable correlated insights and improve effectiveness.

Enterprise-grade security and governance realized through traceability and access controls across all objects in the SDLC. Practitioners can collect evidence in real time and generate compliance audit reports with a single click.

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