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We usually receive a lot of requests asking us about what CloudBees is and what services provides It seems to be not clear from our main website, at least for a lot of new users. Before start using our services, I recommend you to differentiate three concepts: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

1. A little bit of context

The following image came from Wikipedia.org and I think that is a good representation of the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS model.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
In the IaaS model providers offer physical or virtual machines.
To deploy your applications you will need to install and to maintain :
  • Operating system images (Ubuntu, Fedora, Open Suse, Debian, …)
  • Application software (Tomcat, MySQL, GIT, Jenkins, …)
IaaS services are usually bill depend on the technical characteristics of the machine that you plan to rent. If you don’t need all the resources you have on your machine, you still continue paying for them .
Platform as a service (PaaS) Here is CloudBees logo!
In the PaaS model providers offer a computing platform, which INCLUDES , between other services, operating system , programming language execution environments , databases , and web servers .
To deploy your applications you will not need to install or to maintain anything . You just have Tomcat as a Service, Git as Service, Jenkins as Service, MySQL as a service,...
In the PaaS model you usually pay for what you use. For example, you can scale up or down your applications several times on the same day changing every time the pricing of the service.

2. What is CloudBees about?

As we have already specified, CloudBees is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) which provides their services through DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud .


Basically, On DEV@cloudwe offer:

  • Git as a Service

  • Subversion as a Service

  • Jenkins as a Service

“As a Service” means that you don’t need any infrastructure, neither to install or to configure anything. Once you are subscribed to a service, usually one click of your mouse, you can start enjoying the set-up that we have created for you.

With Jenkins you can build and test your applications and also deploy to RUN@cloud, getting in this way Continuous Deployment.

Please, for more information about DEV@cloud visit our DEV@cloud pricing webpage where you can have a better overview about what we offer.


On the other hand, on RUN@cloud, we offer:

  • A multi-tenant service: Several applications running on the same host shared by some users on an isolated environment.

  • A dedicated service: Where you will never share your applications with other customers.

In both cases we offer several stacks where you can easily deploy your applications. On Java, for example, we currently support Tomcat as a Service, JBoss as a Service, Jetty as a Service and Glassfish as a Service. However you can have PHP as a Service or DART as a Service.

On RUN@cloud we also offer MySQL databases as a Service.

Again, “As a Service” means that you don’t need any infrastructure, neither to install or to configure your own stack. Tomcat, Jetty or JBoss are fully configured for you, which means that you just need to deploy your webapp and we will take care of the rest.

3. Does CloudBees offer more than DEV@cloud and RUN@cloud?

We offer more tools that you can use on CloudBees through the Integrated and Verified partners. Please, feel free to visit our Ecosystem partners here . You will have the possibility of using a lot of services that you could find really interesting like these:

- New Relic (monitoring as a Service)

- Papertrail (logging as a Service)

- SendGrid (SMTP server as a Service)

4. Is CloudBees free?

This is a really typical question, and as you can imagine CloudBeesexists because there are users who paid for the services that they use. Thanks to them, we can provide a free tier on RUN@cloud and also on DEV@cloud. This free tier could be enough for pet projects or testing purposes.

On CloudBees you can test your applications, you can set-up your environment, be sure that everything is going like a charm and start paying if the free tier is not enough for you.

You will find the limitation between the free and paid tier on our pricing webpage .

Felix Belzunce
Support Engineer

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