NEW! Get Started Quickly with CloudBees Flow Using Our In-Product Step-by-Step Tutorials

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CloudBees Flow is a powerful tool. It can do A LOT of things, and we pride ourselves on delivering the most robust, feature-rich, DevOps Release Automation solution -- putting "unicorn-grade" features in the hands of any DevOps team - large, or small. As you're taking advantage of CloudBees Flow to streamline and accelerate your software releases, you might be looking for ways to also accelerate your time-to-value and to more quickly get the hang of using the product. When you get started with the product, you might be asking:

  • How do I use CloudBees Flow to deploy an application?

  • How do I set up my release pipeline?

  • How do I create an environment?

Let us show you! And we'll do one better: we'll guide you through creating your applications, environments, deployment processes and pipelines - using your OWN configuration, artifacts and tool-set - all from the product itself!

Introducing Guided Tutorials in CloudBees Flow Community Edition

The Community Edition of CloudBees Flow provides a great way for anyone to quickly start up a server and get started orchestrating their releases and pipelines - for free. The latest v7.2 release of the Community Edition now makes it even easier to quickly become productive in modeling your applications and pipelines in CloudBees Flow. The new Guided Tutorials in the product give new users step-by-step in-product guidance for setting up common components and use cases: from walking you through an existing application, to creating your own application model, environment and deployment processes. Each tutorial coaches you along the way, pointing to the next action to take, with detailed instructions and related content as you go. It also shows you your progress in this task. The first five tutorials provide the basis to learn CloudBees Flow concepts and then apply them to creating and running processes. They are ordered in sequence. You can start with walkthroughs of an existing application and pipeline that come seeded in the product - these would provide you with an understanding of the CloudBees Flow object model and concepts. After this, take the next tutorials to model your first application and environment, and run a deployment. Next, learn how to model a new a pipeline to orchestrate deployments of an application across multiple environments. Next to each tutorial in the list you'll see an estimate for how long it should take you to complete the step-by-step set up for this task (between 5-10 minutes). So, with roughly a 30 minutes investment, you can become proficient in the product's key capabilities. And then - the sky's the limit.. :) Look for more tutorials to come, as we continue to add new use cases, highlighting advanced features and deployment strategies.

Try out the Guided Tutorials for yourself!

Download CloudBees Flow Community Edition and look for the Tutorials popup when you log-in to the product.

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