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Written by: Georgiana Patru
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Creating a Culture as Sweet as Honey

Meet Jeanne Talbot, senior director of corporate communications in Massachusetts

Jeanne sent her team a playful meme this week: "Be brave enough to suck at something new today.” For Jeanne, that would apply to her own struggle trying to master spreadsheets. "Spreadsheets are not my thing,” Jeanne says. "I have to work so hard at those things. But there’s other people whose brains are just wired that way. So, I surround myself with those people.”

But if anybody needs words, they know to come to Jeanne.

As CloudBees senior director of corporate communications, Jeanne Talbot leads a special team of employees. "We’re the voice of CloudBees to the market, to our customers, and to the industry overall,” she explains. "We create the message, the connection, and the engagement that really draws customers to us and keeps them staying with us.”

What draws people to work at CloudBees? Jeanne says it’s how the company accepts each and every Bee with an open heart and mind. As the mom of a transgender child, she has experienced that feeling firsthand at CloudBees and thrives on the ongoing acceptance and support from her company and colleagues. "I need to be at a company that allows me to be the senior director of corporate communications, but also nurture that other part of me too, and not be afraid to share that perspective with others.” 

During Pride Month, nearly half of the company’s employees tuned in to hear Jeanne and her daughter talk about their experiences. "So many colleagues reached out to me after the call with thanks for sharing our story. Many people have never met a transgender person before or thought about what it takes to raise a transgender child as a single mother. When we share our stories, we can learn from each other and suddenly the world becomes kinder, more empathetic and colleagues can have a more meaningful connection,” Jeanne says. 

Inclusion and community-building are core to the CloudBees culture, Jeanne says. "There are many opportunities to build community in a way that’s not just company related, it’s people related.” To bring people together, CloudBees maintains over 90 social Slack channels where Bees gather to talk about everything from their dogs and babies to news from their hometown or country. There’s also a #bee-diverse and a #bee-authentic channel where employees share perspectives, articles, videos, and training seminars around social issues and more. 

The best thing about working at CloudBees, Jeanne says, is that engagement starts at the top. Case in point: Every week, Sacha Labourey, chief strategy officer and co-founder of CloudBees, creates a video on a variety of topics and releases it early in the week. On Thursdays in two different time zones, employees jump on Slack to connect. "All the employees get on a Slack channel called the #watercooler where we chat about the video – or about almost anything - just as we might around a real, in-person watercooler.” Jeanne says. "It’s a way to connect and build culture.” The watercooler was a standard practice at CloudBees years before the pandemic.

CloudBees has been career-building for her. She joined the company in 2017 as a customer marketing manager and four and a half years later is senior director of corporate communications, leading a team of 10. "I’ve worked for incredible leaders who have invested in me and helped me grow my career,” she says. "It’s one thing to have a great job and another to have champions who help you advance. I’ve been fortunate to have both at CloudBees.”

Maintaining strong social connectivity like that energizes the Bees community worldwide. "There are just such great people here,” Jeanne says. "Of course, we’re always focused on business performance and outcomes, but there’s also a real commitment and connection to the people who are here.” Which is what makes the company so successful and a great place to work, she says. After all, without our people – without the "hive” – there would be no honey. 

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