Gearing up for Lisbon: Top 5 Jenkins Issues and Solutions

Written by: Parker Ennis
3 min read

What if I told you that it’s possible to increase your Jenkins performance by 3500% ? You’d be interested, right?

Well, you’re in luck. WithDevOps World Lisbon just around the corner, Ryan Smith and I are gearing up to present our second round of CloudBees Jenkins Support: Top 5 Jenkins Issues and Solutions on Wednesday, December 4th. We’ll be sharing knowledge around Jenkins best practices and highlight common pitfalls from the lens of our phenomenal CloudBees support team that will help users greatly improve their Jenkins performance. We’ll also give an overview of CloudBees Jenkins Support and how it can help you get the most out of Jenkins. Our objective is for you to walk away better prepared to keep Jenkins healthy and avoid the problems we see from customers frequently.

Parker Ennis, Product Marketing Ryan Smith, Senior Development Support Engineer

Here’s a preview of the five main issues we’ll cover, based on an analysis of thousands of real support cases:

1) Jenkins is slow and/or unresponsive

A slow/unresponsive Jenkins is not only a formidable opponent but also the most common issue we see on the front lines. Learn about the common causes such as garbage collection over tuning, rogue pipelines and more, along with potential solutions.

2) Monolith Jenkins (also known as “Jenkinstein”)

As Jenkins usage grows and more teams are onboarded, so do challenges to overall performance. How do you address these challenges head-on and avoid a monolith Jenkins?

3) Inconsistent backups

“Always backup” is a golden rule but often overlooked. Do you have a rollback strategy defined?

4) Change management

We hear “nothing changed” all the time from users facing change management issues. Most of the time that’s not actually the case and we’ll talk about why and what to do about it.

5) Architectural pain

Remember that Jenkins is a Java application and doesn’t have a traditional database. It’s crucial to understand how Jenkins fits into your existing architecture so we’ll also dig into this.

The importance of learning, implementing and adhering to best practices can’t be overstated for organizations and teams that depend on Jenkins. We’ll speak to real-world use cases with data as proof, like the big banking company that went from 92% to 99% application throughput or the big shipping company that eliminated daily HA failovers causing downtime, subsequently increasing performance by 3,500%. The proof is in the pudding!

At the end of the day, there’s no better place than CloudBees to get support and expertise for anything Jenkins related. Our developer support engineers are bonafide Jenkins experts and a subscription to CloudBees Jenkins Support might just be exactly what you need to get the most out of Jenkins. We’re excited to showcase some of our findings with you and hopefully make your life as a Jenkins user or admin easier. We hope to see you there on December 4th in Lisbon at 11:30am!

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