Is the CloudBees Starter Kit Right for You?

Written by: Cordny Nederkoorn
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Mature, enterprise-wide DevOps always starts somewhere. Whether they reside in innovation centers within large companies or in startups fixated on digital disruption, DevOps pioneers must harness the power of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI and CD) to achieve the speed and agility required to differentiate.

However, gaining access to the software solutions and expertise needed to create a scalable foundation for CI/CD can be difficult for these grassroots pioneers while their DevOps practice is still in its genesis. Often, this results in a smattering of unintegrated, precariously architected open source software and basic niche tools. The burdensome upkeep of this ecosystem quickly outweighs any perceived cost savings - especially as adoption spreads to other teams and throughout the business.

There's a better way.

The CloudBees Starter Kit allows three, “two-pizza-teams” unconstrained access to CloudBees Core and CloudBees DevOptics – for only $10K. As a new member of the CloudBees' family, the kit offers enterprise capabilities such as pipeline automation, DevOps performance tracking and real-time value stream mapping to visualize the flow through the software delivery process. Organizations receive single-click provisioning and ensure security, governance and compliance without sacrificing developer freedom. For teams already using open source Jenkins, CloudBees extends Jenkins with functionality that embeds best practices, supports rapid onboarding, easier management and scalability.

The CloudBees Starter Kit includes virtual training and a remote Quickstart, providing installation and configuration of CloudBees Core and CloudBees DevOptics with an administration overview. Within a week, you will learn how to onboard a team, set up a sample pipeline, map a value stream and begin tracking DevOps performance metrics. Note that the remote Quickstart takes place at the beginning of your product usage to ensure proper implementation. This is not a "coupon" that can be used at any time.

New subscribers also receive ongoing customer success advocacy and guidance to achieve your defined goals during this engagement and for the life of your subscription.

CloudBees Starter Kit features

  • $10,000 price tag

  • CloudBees Core + DevOptics

  • 3 controllers, 3 teams, unlimited users

  • Remote Quickstart led by professional services

  • 3 support contacts with unlimited cases

  • Gold Support with service-level agreements (SLAs)

  • Online training for all team members

  • Dedicated customer success team


  • NEW CloudBees customer

  • Cloud native on: Amazon EKS, Microsoft AKS or Google GKE

  • No support for Kops in the Starter Kit.

How to start

  1. Let CloudBees know you’re interested. Click here.

  2. Accept the offer that comes via email.

  3. Meet your account and customer success team.

  4. Walk through your engagement agenda with the professional services team.

  5. Take the online Fundamentals Courses at CloudBees University to get familiar with the products.

  6. Start your remote Quickstart(up to 3 days).

    1. Install and set-up CloudBees Core and CloudBees DevOptics.

    2. Walk through admin activities.

    3. Implement an example pipeline project and value stream as a template.

  7. Work with us to build your customer success plan.

  8. Engage with the customer success team regularly to ensure your strategic goals and initiatives are continuously being achieved.

  9. Grow your CloudBees footprint as new teams are added.

We’ve participated in many DevOps business transformations with our customers. We see that, almost always, transformation begins in pockets. Grassroots DevOps pioneers at companies large and small see astronomical efficiency gains from DevOps and the business pays attention. Then the challenge is to translate that microcosm of team success to the company at large. This is perhaps the biggest hurdle a company faces in CI/CD adoption. The CloudBees Starter Kit gives DevOps pioneers a solution set that is powerful and flexible in order to suit their team needs and scalable, governed and secure to reduce friction as adoption spreads.

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