CloudBees Named A Strong Performer in Integrated Software Delivery Platforms Report

Written by: Shawn Ahmed
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We - development and delivery teams - are impacting our business.  Getting great products to our customers faster and safer is integral to whether or not our business wins or loses.  We have huge responsibilities and opportunities.  It’s a hard job.  Many of you have complex environments with a vast and unique combination of tools supporting your software delivery ecosystem.  Replacing these with a single application isn’t realistic or ideal.  You want developers and platform teams to be free to choose the right tools for the job.  But you need consistency, governance, and security across the software delivery ecosystem to deliver software effectively.  We designed our platform to help you strike the right balance between developer autonomy, choice of tooling, and the need for consistency, security, and governance.  

CloudBees platform receives the highest score in current offering category

In the first year of its report, The Forrester Wave™: Integrated Software Delivery Platforms, Q2 2023, Forrester CloudBees was recognized as a strong performer, receiving the highest score in the current offering category. 

The Forrester Wave report evaluated 13 top integrated software delivery platform (ISDP) providers based on 26 criteria, grouped into three high-level categories; current offering, strategy, and market presence. CloudBees received the highest score in the current offering category. The report describes CloudBees release readiness, governance, and compliance as “top-notch.” CloudBees also received the highest possible scores in eight criteria, including governance and compliance, infrastructure management, partner ecosystem, and community, and among the second-highest scores in the CI/CD criterion.   

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Let Us Ride

Our customers are everything to us.  We partner with our customers knowing they’re on a path.  Some are moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud.  Others are automating thousands of security signals to get through the noise.  Others are moving to achieve galactic scale with  Jenkins environments.  The paths are endless.  But wherever the path leads, we’ll get you there faster and safer.  Forrester interviewed CloudBees’ customers for the report noting, “When asked what they liked about working with CloudBees, reference customers had good things to say: ‘The vendor relationship has been a true partnership. It’s listening to our internal customers.’”  

The Platform for your platform

We believe Forrester’s findings reflect our commitment to providing the leading software delivery platform to our customers and the value of being able to choose and orchestrate the best tools in the DevSecOps ecosystem for the job.  Teams don’t have to decide if they want an “all-in-one” platform because they can have the best of both worlds;  keep the best tools they know and love  AND streamline, standardize, and scale the software delivery process while maintaining governance, security, and intelligence from a single source of truth.  Our goal is to free development teams to focus on delivering value to their customers quickly and safely with the following:  

  • Open choice:  Our platform allows you to orchestrate heterogeneous workflows, including the tools of your choice, while maintaining visibility, governance, and security across the entire value stream.  

  • Continuous security and compliance:  Our platform empowers you to continuously verify security and compliance across the entire SDLC, using data from your security toolchain and out-of-the-box regulatory frameworks, like NIST, CIS, CSA, FedRAMP, or your custom controls - all without disrupting developer workflows.  

  • End-to-end visibility and analytics:  Unlike any other, our platform allows you to orchestrate applications, services, and their related pipelines, releases, release dependencies, environment, and features, for real-time transparency across your DevSecOps ecosystem and contextual analytics, including DORA and Flow metrics.

The next episode

Our story is far from over.  We are committed to serving our customers and helping them on their journey.   Soon, we’ll be ushering in a SaaS platform designed with the most complex enterprise development and delivery environments in mind. 

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