Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future: DevOps World Virtual 2024

Written by: Sacha Labourey
2 min read

Over the past 15 years, DevOps has transformed the way we build, test, and deploy software. But this phenomenon didn't pop up out of nowhere: it was the culmination of years of discovery towards "a better way". And an Open Source project and its community were at the forefront of this revolution, and this, five years before the "DevOps" term was coined: Jenkins! This was already... 20 years ago!

To celebrate that fantastic achievement, join us on September 17, 2024, for DevOps World Virtual 2024! We will not only celebrate the 20th anniversary of Jenkins® but also explore the future of DevOps, discussing trends such as AI-assisted development, and how CloudBees is addressing these trends to drive innovation and empower developers. This virtual gathering brings together industry leaders, innovators, and practitioners from around the globe.

I'm particularly excited to announce that the event will feature a stellar lineup of speakers, including the one and only Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of the Jenkins project!

Over the years, CloudBees has been a major contributor to the Jenkins project and ecosystem. Many CloudBees employees are core Jenkins contributors and have served in leadership roles in the Jenkins community. CloudBees has helped drive innovation around Jenkins, pioneering solutions like Jenkins Pipeline and Configuration as Code that have become industry standards. Today, CloudBees continues to be a primary sponsor of the Jenkins project and community, helping to ensure the long-term viability and success of Jenkins as the leading open source automation server.

Another highlight of DevOps World Virtual 2024 will be the unveiling of an exciting new offering from CloudBees that builds on our deep experience with Jenkins and commitment to helping organizations accelerate their software delivery. This game-changing solution will revolutionize the way teams manage and scale their CI/CD pipelines in the cloud, making it easier than ever to deliver high-quality software at speed. Stay tuned for more details!

DevOps World Virtual 2024 will also feature interactive sessions and workshops, catering to seasoned DevOps practitioners and newcomers alike.

Join us in celebrating the past, embracing the present, and envisioning the future of DevOps. Register now and mark your calendars for September 17, 2024. We can't wait to welcome you to this exciting event!

See you at DevOps World!

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