CloudBees DevOptics Value Streams Now Includes Group Work by Run

Written by: Karan Malhi
2 min read
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In the CloudBees DevOptics team, we continuously think about how to provide valuable information at your fingertips. One such example is the real-time Value Streams view that provides the ability to see which changes have been released or deployed to production. We’ve just rolled out a new feature in this area that adds even more power and flexibility: the Group Work by Run feature. This feature lets you view tickets categorized by Jenkins job runs. Opening a gate allows you to see which tickets were part of which run of the gate.

Group Work by Run lets you easily see which run processed which set of tickets and when. This removes the manual effort to create a release manifest, since it is automatically generated the moment your production gate finished running those jobs. This becomes very useful, especially for production gates as it allows you to effectively view a release manifest in real-time. Here is an example of a production gate which is grouping tickets by run.

You can clearly see which run processed which set of tickets and when. You can even filter those tickets and find a specific ticket. For example, your support team can now search for a specific bug and notify your customer appropriately. You no longer need to rely on time consuming and error prone manual processes for creating release manifests, as now you get this automatically the moment your production gate finishes processing those tickets.

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