CloudBees DevOptics: Improvements to the Value Stream Editor

Written by: Alex Tacho
3 min read
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At CloudBees, we believe in continuous improvement. Actually, continuous everything , as our CPO Christina Noren recently shared in a blog post.

Of course that is also true on how we manage and develop our products. On the CloudBees DevOptics team, we practice continuous delivery to deliver value quickly and frequently to our user and customer base. We continuously learn and continuously improve our product features and functionality.

As part of our CloudBees DevOptics product, Value Stream Management is integral to providing an easy and intuitive way on how to model a value stream based on an organization's delivery process. Making it easy and fast to map the complex world of software delivery with a visual model of how all the different components and services are connected, helps align all stakeholders within an organization and is the foundation for improvement and further instrumentation of the value stream for real time management of commits and tickets workflow.

In the last weeks we released a handful of UI and UX improvements to our value stream editor , making it simpler to configure and maintain your value stream:

Additionally, we recently started publishing improvements and new features on the DevOptics Changelog for an easy and simple way to keep up to date on the latest and greatest. I am excited for what is next.

  • If you are interested in Value Stream Management with CloudBees DevOptics get in touch and learn how CloudBees DevOptics can help you with your DevOps transformation journey and improve your software delivery process.

  • If you want to get visibility around activity and performance of your Jenkins and CloudBees Core infrastructure, sign up for CloudBees DevOptics Free

  • Check out our public documentation on how to model value stream with a visual editor or via JSON configuration .

Alex Tacho is director of product management for CloudBees DevOptics. Prior to working at CloudBees, he was director of product management at CodeShip. At CodeShip, he was involved in building a continuous integration and delivery service to help product and engineering teams automate and improve their software delivery workflows.

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