Announcing a Partnership with Atos on Google Cloud Platform

Written by: Francois Dechery
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You may have already heard, but Atos and CloudBees announced a partnership to provide customers with a complete DevOps solution running on Google Cloud Platform. What better place to announce this than at Google Cloud Next?!

What do we mean by complete? We mean complete from the perspective of the customer:

  • A software platform to support the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) process and manage it;

  • A cloud native infrastructure to reliably and dynamically run the process and manage the data flowing through the process;

  • A service to operate and manage the software and the infrastructure, as well as to assist customers in their digital transformation journey.

Why is this important?

Atos and CloudBees were already Google Cloud partners independently from each other. Atos announced its strategic partnership with Google Cloud in April 2018, spanning a wide spectrum of technologies. CloudBees has been actively partnering with Google Cloud since 2017. Our strategic focus on Kubernetes and Istio, our joint work on Jenkins X, our joint efforts to help create the Continuous Delivery Foundation are a few illustrations of this deeper and deeper engineering and commercial collaboration.

Atos is the provider of this service, which integrates CloudBees and Google Cloud technologies.When we started to explore the Atos-CloudBees partnership opportunity, both companies quickly came to the realization that the ultimate value for our customers resided in our ability to take advantage of our respective partnerships with Google Cloud. Hence the announcement of this triangular partnership, which is primarily designed to benefit our joint customers. Each of us brings an essential building block to the global solution. This is a typical situation where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Why?

When you engage with a global systems integrator like Atos, you already know that they bring to the table a body of knowledge and best practices to help you safely and efficiently move forward in your transformation journey. They can help you successfully modernize your applications to take advantage of the Google Cloud platform while assisting you with the human and organizational dimensions of change management. They can also help you put in place CI/CD best practices powered by CloudBees.

However, these core capabilities are vastly augmented by the deep collaboration of Atos with CloudBees and Google Cloud, for the ultimate benefit of customers. Every transformation journey generates questions, issues, surprises and roadblocks along the way. Thanks to this triangular partnership, Atos continuously works with CloudBees and Google Cloud on the design and implementation of the Atos DevOps platform. In addition, Atos managed services teams are continuously trained and supported by CloudBees and Google Cloud. Practically speaking, they will anticipate many of the potential surprises and issues. And, when those issues, in fact, show up they will be orders of magnitude more efficient in addressing them.

Finally, we all know that some questions or issues require the deep technical expertise of CloudBees or Google Cloud. When this happens, CloudBees and Google Cloud support and engineering teams already know and understand how Atos engineering and managed services teams have designed and operate the Atos DevOps platform. This ensures efficient and rapid communication, resulting in faster and better resolution times, leading to higher level of quality of service and great peace of mind for customers, as they focus on delivering value to their own customers via software.

How can you take advantage of this solution?

Atos is the provider of this service, which integrates CloudBees and Google Cloud technologies.

If you want to know more about this service, please contact us .

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