Introducing the Continuous Delivery Foundation

Written by: Tracy Miranda
3 min read

What began as an effort to sustain cdf logo and grow the Jenkins community grew to be something much, much bigger. In 2018, Jenkins board members Tyler Croy and Kohsuke Kawaguchi , along with the Linux Foundation’s Chris Aniszczyk and myself set out to build a new open source community around continuous delivery. Developers in the software delivery space face many challenges including tool complexity, lack of tool interoperability and the struggle to establish best practices in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

We all shared the common belief that by getting communities to learn together and work together towards a common vision then we would all be better off in our CI/CD journeys. As Tyler put it “Continuous delivery is fundamental to modern software development. Continuous delivery is also not the domain of a single tool like Jenkins, but rather relies on many tools working together in concert.”

I’m thrilled to share the announcement of the formation of the Continuous Delivery Foundation, in partnership with the Linux Foundation, CloudBees, Google and about twenty other companies.

Through the formation of the CD Foundation we hope to create a space to bring communities together to work towards making continuous delivery ubiquitous and accessible to all. We want communities to have the space where they are empowered to come together to figure out how to achieve broader adoption of best practices in software delivery.

I’m astounded by the caliber of the founding projects: Jenkins , Jenkins X , Spinnaker and Tekton , which represent a terrific mix of established, well-loved projects as well as emerging, fast-growing technologies. I’m excited at the idea that we can promote interoperability across these tools.

The announcement this week is just the beginning. Over the next few months we will be bootstrapping the foundation, electing committees and onboarding projects. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait to get to the fun stuff of collaborating and innovating in this space. We want to extend a warm welcome to anyone who wants to be part of the CDF and you can find out more at .

I would like to thank the Linux Foundation for their guidance and stewardship, as well as CloudBees for buying into the vision early on and driving the initial efforts around the CDF formation. As Sacha Labourey puts it, “Everyone is a developer and any idea delivered changes the world. We have seen continuous delivery become the gold standard for delivering ideas, therefore forming the Continuous Delivery Foundation is a natural evolution in making continuous delivery accessible to all. We are proud to be a founding member of the CDF, to support the inclusion of Jenkins and Jenkins X and to foster the industry collaboration and interoperability that will surely result from this."

We are just getting started, but I am very excited about all the great folks, projects and ideas that are coming together to create the Continuous Delivery Foundation! I hope you join us too, start by signing up to our mailing list .

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