CloudBees and the Continuous Delivery Foundation - GO GO GO

Written by: Sacha Labourey
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cdf logoToday is day-1 of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) and CloudBees is very proud to be at the origin of its creation . I’d like to talk about what it means for the market.

We are obviously well past the “software is eating the world ” wake-up call. Nowadays, organizations are focused on maximizing the impact they can have through software. In this Continuous Economy, where everything and anything is constantly changing, just in time , continuous delivery has become the new normal for delivering value through software. If you are not doing continuous delivery (or one of its derivatives), you are putting a square software peg in a round business hole.

As this phenomenon amplifies and accelerates, we thought it was critical to have a foundation where all agents of change could come and contribute to this revolution.

Obviously, with soon a million public servers - just the tip of the statistic iceberg!, Jenkins occupies a central role in that revolution (and in our heart at CloudBees ). As such it was very logical for us to promote and fund this idea. Other projects will also join the CDF, including Jenkins X , a project that was born at CloudBees and that provides the next step of the journey to millions of Jenkins developers who are redirecting their focus to cloud, containers and microservices (and can run Jenkins jobs and pipelines in a “controller-less” fashion from within Jenkins X!)

In the 9 years of CloudBees existence, we regularly had discussions with companies and vendors who wanted to contribute value to or around Jenkins and while a lot did, many others were looking for a more formal environment to do that, an environment like the one that the Linux Foundation has perfected for decades. We are convinced that the CDF will lead to a massive expansion of the CD ecosystem, including of Jenkins and Jenkins X, an expansion that will benefit us all.

Last but not least, with the recent drama that unfolded in the last few months in some communities with regard to the impact of cloud vendors on open source and open source companies, I’m very proud that Google is joining the CDF and will be actively involved. Google will also be contributing the Tekton project (used by Jenkins X) and Spinnaker is also joining the CDF (other great projects will be announced in the next few months!).

On a more personal level, those of you who know me know that I was professionally born in open source, at a time when “Open Source Business Model” was an oxymoron. Today is very special day for me and I’m really proud that CloudBees initiated this foundation where some of the leading brands in IT and software innovation are joining forces. I’d like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our love and commitment to open source and its values!



A native of Switzerland, Sacha graduated from EPFL in 1999. At EPFL, he started Cogito Informatique, an IT consulting business. In 2001, he joined Marc Fleury’s JBoss project as a core contributor, implementing JBoss’ original clustering features. He went on to become general manager for JBoss Europe, leading strategy and helping to recruit partners that fueled JBoss’ growth. In 2005, he became CTO, overseeing all of JBoss engineering. When Red Hat acquired JBoss in 2006, Sacha played a crucial role in integrating and productizing the JBoss software with Red Hat offerings. Sacha went on to become co-general manager of Red Hat’s middleware division. He left Red Hat in 2009 and founded CloudBees in March 2010. Follow Sacha on Twitter .

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