CloudBees Core Enables LDAP Support for Google Cloud Identity

Written by: Jeff Fry
2 min read

CloudBees Core now supports Google Cloud Identity and secure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to simplify identity authentication and authorization. The new capability follows on to last month's update for enabling single sign-on for our G Suite customers using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).

Google Cloud Identity is a service that allows customers to manage users, devices and applications from a central location with the same level of Google-grade security and agility. In an effort to simplify user management under a single system in Google Cloud, our partnership allows Google customers to seamlessly connect their LDAP directories to CloudBees Core using a secure LDAP. Users also will have the ability to use the same Cloud Identity credentials for CloudBees Core authentication and authorization.

It is easy to enable CloudBees Core as an LDAP client. The Cloud Identity console provides an intuitive wizard for to walk you through adding LDAP clients and downloading client certificate for CloudBees Core.

Next, install the certificate and configure the LDAP settings in the CloudBees Core Operations Center.

Then start using your LDAP credentials with CloudBees Core! It is that easy!

For enterprise organizations using Cloud Identity and LDAP to centralize their user authentication, this CloudBees Core feature allows you to reduce your administrator workload. For administrators, go to one LDAP directory to manage one set of users. For end users, remember one set of login credentials for all your applications including CloudBees Core.

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