Session Description

Are you currently helping build or maintain a Jenkins pipeline for more than one application or team? Are you tired of copying and pasting Jenkinsfiles and tweaking them to fit each team's specific needs? This session will feature a live demonstration of getting up and running with the Jenkins Templating Engine (JTE). Attendees will learn how to stop creating bespoke pipelines on a per-application basis and, instead, create tool-agnostic pipeline templates that multiple teams can inherit - regardless of tech stack.

For DevSecOps engineers, this means less copying and pasting and more time spent focusing on the fun parts of the job. For managers or executives worried about compliance and standardization, this approach will ensure security is embedded in every step of the software development lifecycle for every application development team they oversee.

Through JTE, businesses can find order in the chaos of managing DevSecOps pipelines at scale. Enable organizational governance, optimize pipeline code reuse and simplify pipeline management for the whole team.