Session Description

As the old adage goes, what gets measured gets done. Measurement is the key enabler to any DevOps transformation and yet it’s often a neglected aspect of projects. Organizations struggle to get beyond the starting blocks, coming up against a legion of challenges. Where should a metrics-minded DevOps engineer begin?

In this session, we’ll share important DevOps metrics your team can use to measure positive change, and just as important, why they matter. Using the four key metrics validated by DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) as a foundation, we’ll discuss the various options and tools available for gathering metrics around DevOps efforts and building dashboards. We will briefly cover how Grafana, CloudBees DevOptics, XebiaLabs, or Azure DevOps dashboards can work for you depending on your budget, timeline, and technologies in use.

With data in hand, you will be prepared to leverage the insights you gain from your experiments, capitalize on your successes, and change course quickly when you don’t see a benefit in something you have built.

Attendees will learn:

1.Key metrics to track and how they relate to the business

  1. How data-driven decisions can guide continuous improvement efforts

  2. How to measure and demonstrate the business value and effectiveness of DevOps and Continuous Delivery processes and programs

  3. How to link DevOps improvements with measurable digital transformation goals