Automated DevSecOps

Automated DevSecOps

Declutter DevOps pipelines and ensure continuous security and compliance.

Secure Software Development at Scale

DevSecOps adoption is a priority for all organizations. CloudBees provides best-of-breed automation and security control framework that can be activated out-of-the-box across the enterprise with the highest efficacy without burdening shared services or cluttering the pipelines with tool-specific scripts.

Discover the Key Values of CloudBees Compliance: Experience Secure and Compliant Software Development

Standardize your security policies

Use pre-built Open Policy Agent (OPA) policies to automate and verify SDLC compliance from design to production and beyond–simply activate a policy.

Roll out security frameworks without impacting CI/CD pipelines

Simplify your CI/CD pipelines as we orchestrate security when and where it’s needed! Centrally enforced security standards with our best-in-breed integrations and tool-agnostic approach.

Boost developer efficiency with near-real time feedback

Reduce the cognitive burden on developers by giving them near real time insight into exactly what needs fixing, where and how to improve the security posture of their application.

Visualize security effectiveness with real-time dashboards

Access real-time dashboards to monitor security effectiveness for your applications, services, and organizations.

Explore How CloudBees Compliance Can Drive Substantial Impact and Propel Your Success.

Potential savings for 10 apps per year.


Cost savings


Hours saved

Automated DevSecOps Compliance Resources


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