6 trends shaping the future of software delivery in 2023

Business success relies on impactful customer experiences that scale

Software delivery is defining the winners in today's digital economy. Winning hinges on transforming everything, from planning through deployment—all at scale—with continuous alignment between the code you're creating and the customers who are using it.

Here's a look at six key trends shaping the future of software delivery, and how effective implementation across the development lifecycle can help continuously advance the customer experience and drive business outcomes.

6 trends shaping the future of software delivery

Progressive delivery

The tactics, tools, and hardware needed for effective progressive delivery—including CI, CD, and feature management—are evolving as companies look for ways to combine the approaches at scale.

Securing the software supply chain

Attacks like the one on SolarWinds were a wake-up call for organizations, shedding light on the need for evolving software supply chain security.

Value Stream Management (VSM)

Companies now recognize the need for VSM, a systems-thinking practice, to improve the flow of business operations to customer needs and value.

Modern software delivery

Along with automation and observability, AIOps is now a key component in modern software delivery.

People and culture

Building a thriving DevOps culture has always been a hot topic, but the advent of remote work combined with the accelerated pace of digital transformation has permanently changed operations.

Compliance in the age of transformation

A secure and compliant software delivery lifecycle is the hallmark of digital transformation excellence, but it requires effective integration of DevSecOps.

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