CloudBees Newsletter November: Technical Tuesdays

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Technical Tuesday, November 2023 Edition

Welcome to Technical Tuesday where we will share some buzz-worthy highlights and give you updates on the latest items we have released over the past month! From How to videos, webinars, docs, and blogs- check out what’s happening in the hive at CloudBees. For this pregame holiday season, we will talk about some CloudBees CI enhancements, as well as the new DevSecOps Platform that launched November 1st!

Cloud Native DevSecOps Platform is finally here!

CloudBees recently announced our new cloud-native DevSecOps platform. What does this mean for you?

  • CloudBees Actions, a GitHub Actions-like DSL which is container-based.

  • Minimizing cognitive load and making DevOps processes nearly invisible, using concepts of blocks, automations and golden paths.

  • Open and extensible: Embraces the DevOps ecosystem of tools, starting with Jenkins

No more hassling with instability, technical complexity, and a ‘forced’ toolset. Choose the best tool for the job, easily plug it in, turn it into a GH-style action, and execute it anywhere you choose.

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GitLab plugin supported in CAP

If you are a user of both CloudBees CI and GitLab as your SCM, the GitLab-branch-source and GitLab API plugins have been added to the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP). The plugins will enable you to have a supported way of creating multibranch and organization folder jobs backed by a GitLab server. Since they are in CAP, these plugins will now receive necessary updates and security fixes under the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP). Wahoo!

Plugin in Action

Java, Java Everywhere!

With the increasing adoption of Java 17, the Jenkins and CloudBees community has been abuzz about the numerous benefits it brings, including improved performance, enhanced security, new language features, and long-term support.

CloudBees CI will support Java 17 in January/February of 2024, so now is the time to start planning the migration! Additional details will follow the closer we get to the support date.

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Maven plugin changes in CloudBees CI

Two points to note: 

  1. We have removed the maven-plugin from CAP, and it is now a tier 3 plugin from October release onward. 

  2. Pipeline-maven (Pipeline Maven Integration plugin) was added and is now part of CAP.  Using the new Pipeline-maven plugin is the recommended way to build maven projects from pipelines moving forward.

Pipeline-maven Migration in Action

Videos you may have missed

November saw the launch of our new cloud-native platform and some new use case videos for CloudBees CI. I’ll list those below - but if you are using open source - we also have numerous videos covering various must-have Jenkins skills on CloudBeesTV.

Getting Started With CloudBees CI High Availability on Traditional Platforms

This is the compliment to the Getting Started with High Availability for modern platforms here. Pick your CI platform (traditional is on-prem, modern is designed to run in Kubernetes) to learn more about Active-Active High Availability for Jenkins in the Enterprise.

New Cloud Native DevSecOps Platform Training: Connecting Your Repo

Learn how to connect your repository with our cutting-edge CloudBees cloud native DevSecOps platform quick training video.

New Cloud Native DevSecOps Platform Training: Creating Your First Component

Learn how to create your very first component with our this quick training video on the CloudBees cloud native DevSecOps platform. Master the art of building components and unlock the potential of this cutting-edge technology.

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Blogs, Webinars, and other buzziness you may have missed this month


The Future of DevSecOps with the CloudBees Platform—An In-Depth Look

Dive deeper into the design of the CloudBees platform, and how it improves the developer experience.


5 Revolutionary Ways to Automate Workflows Using CloudBees Composer UI

When speaking with developers, a few capabilities typically make the user interface (UI) wish list. I'm excited to talk about how CloudBees Composer incorporates these in the new Cloud Native DevSecOps Platform.

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