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Technical Tuesday, December 2023 Edition

Welcome to Technical Tuesday where we will share some buzz-worthy highlights and give you updates on the latest items we have released over the past month! From How to videos, webinars, docs, and blogs- check out what’s happening in the hive at CloudBees. For this holiday season, we will talk about some CloudBees CI enhancements, as well as the new DevSecOps Platform. From the CloudBees team to you - we hope you have happy holidays and get a chance to take a breather and relax a bit before the next year!Cheers to you!

Enhancements to CloudBees Pipeline Explorer in CloudBees CI

Your reviews are in! For those of you who haven’t played around with this new logviewer yet- check out the attached video or docs to see what it’s about.

For those who have - here’s some items we added based on feedback:

  1. Users now get Junit test results directly with Test Insights

    • Search 

    • Filter 

    • Links to reports

  2. Users now have direct links to build artifacts

  3. Setting to show agent/node information

  4. ANSI 8bit and 24bit escape sequences now supported 

Enhancements to High Availability Mode in CloudBees CI

Freshly added -explicit load balancing for controllers running in HA (High Availability) mode.   

For those using HA on their critical controllers: Explicit load balancing redirects new builds to the the controller replica with the least load.

Tech Details

Cloud Native DevSecOps Platform - Choose your own tools

Quick shout out to our  new cloud-native DevSecOps Platform.  Check it out, it’s free and we’d love to hear what you think! 

What does this Platform get you in this world of DevOps?

  • True Cloud native platform

  • CloudBees Actions, a GitHub Actions-like DSL which is container-based.

  • Minimizing cognitive load and making DevOps processes nearly invisible, using concepts of blocks, automations and golden paths.

  • Open and extensible: Embraces the DevOps ecosystem of tools, starting with Jenkins.

No more hassling with instability, technical complexity, and a ‘forced’ toolset. Choose the best tool for the job, easily plug it in, turn it into a GH-style action, and execute it anywhere you choose.

Try it Now!

Follow up to last months Maven and GitLab plugin news

Here are a few binge-worthy How-To videos in response to the Maven and GitLab plugin topics from November:

Migrate a Maven Job to a Pipeline Job on CloudBees CI

How to Create a GitLab Multibranch Pipeline in CloudBees CI

How to Create a GitLab Group in CloudBees CI

Give me more!

Blogs, Webinars, and other buzziness you may have missed this month

The Monolith and Horizontal Scalability

Best practices to clean up your monolith and the value of horizontal scalability with this use case.

Upcoming Webinar - Dec 18th! Exploring the Power of High Availability and Horizontal Scalability (HA/HS) with CloudBees CI

Explore the power of high availability and scalability with CloudBees CI in our follow-up webinar. Discover how this Jenkins® based solution enhances efficiency, security, and resource management in enterprises. Don't miss out on learning about its unique features and use cases.

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