CloudBees Newsletter August: Technical Tuesdays

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Technical Tuesday, August 2023 Edition

Welcome to Technical Tuesday where we will share some buzz-worthy highlights and give you updates on the latest items we have released over the past month! From How to videos, webinars, docs and blogs-checkout what’s happening in the hive at CloudBees. This month, we are focusing on CloudBees Continuous Delivery/Release Orchestration (CloudBees CD/RO)!

CloudBees CD/RO Focused Videos

Learn about the latest features via demo or brush up on those CD/RO skills

CD/RO: Microservices Modeling

CD/RO: Source Code Synchronization

CD/RO: How to Install on Kubernetes

CD/RO: Setup Custom Data Models and Reports

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Blogs, Webinars, and other buzziness you may have missed this month


The Definitive Guide to Modern Software Delivery

Learn the practices organizations must employ to be successful at software delivery today and how to connect all phases of the software development and delivery lifecycle for a unified view of the SDLC.


Baking Security into Your Software Delivery Pipeline

Learn how to increase the security of your software by integrating it into your delivery pipeline. Discover valuable tips and insights on how to streamline your development process while ensuring that your products are secure from start to finish.


Future of DevOps Platforms

In the ever-changing DevOps space, what does the future of Integrated Software Delivery Platforms (ISDPs) look like? Watch our fireside chat with Forrester to discuss trends, predictions, and the future of DevOps platforms.


Automating our Software Release Process Internally at CloudBees

Learn how CloudBees CD/RO is used internally to automate our software release process through four use cases.

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