3 Critical Keys to DevOps Success: Lessons from Forrester Research & CloudBees Customers Intel, NetEnt and Somos

Forrester Research and CloudBees Customers share 3 critical keys to DevOps success:

  • Experiencing deployment pain? Learn how NetEnt transformed their deployments and went from an 18-months process to under 2 weeks
  • Looking into microservices? Learn how Somos - the company who manages all of the 1-800 numbers in North America - decomposed their application into microservices
  • Test automation seems like an insurmountable challenge? Learn how Intel drives DevOps with a self-service QA & test automation repository.

Join guest speakers Chris Condo (Senior Analyst, Forrester), Manish Aggarwal (Intel), Aloisio Rocha (NetEnt), Gary McKay (Somos), as they discuss what the recent research has to say, and the concrete tactics used by businesses today to adopt and scale DevOps throughout the organization.


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