The Software Agents - Episode 2: Museum Operations - Rich Cherry, Managing Partner - Art Museums Get Smart

The Software Agents is a new podcast series sponsored by CloudBees. Each week we bring you leaders from many fields applying software to reimagine them for the new world under construction.

Art museums are using software to maximize visitor access under new restrictions, and make their online experiences more like a visit to the building. Rich Cherry, a former Marine and IT professional, works with cultural institutions to leverage his 30+ years of experience in tech and operations as the pandemic changes the rules for museums and visitors. He has been an IT leader at major institutions including the Guggenheim in NY and the Albright-Knox Gallery, co-founded the Museums on the Web conference, and drove the development and launch of the high profile Broad in Los Angeles where he developed a software-enabled operating model that lets them do more for visitors with a smaller staff - incidentally, systems that are now crucial to safe museum reopenings worldwide. A lifelong tinkerer, Rich is a rare talent, adept at IT architecture, building construction, and operational models.

Christina Noren

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