Evolving Continuous Delivery Using Feature Flags

Continuous Delivery and feature flagging may seem like practices in conflict with one another to some organizations. After all, without proper context, the idea of developers making changes to code in production would rightly make the average Release Manager more than a little nervous. However, with adequate technical, cultural, and process planning, the combination of continuous delivery tools with feature flag management can yield drastically more powerful continuous delivery capabilities within an organization.

Join us for a 1-hour webinar on July 28th at 1pm ET to discuss how this combination of tools should be viewed as the natural next step in the evolution of continuous delivery, and how you can bring this functionality to your organization.

Topics Include:

  • Busting the myth that Feature Flags replace the need for Continuous Delivery

  • A deep dive into Continuous Delivery and Feature Flags: what changes, technical considerations, and cultural or process shifts that need to occur

  • Additional value and use cases unlocked by integrating Feature Flag and Continuous Delivery tools

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