Top 3 reasons to demo CloudBees Feature Management

1) Ensure the safety of your customers' PII

Potential exposure of your customer personally identifiable information (PII) to cyber-criminals is deadly serious. Businesses must avoid the hidden risks of third-party software by performing due diligence on their software vendors.

CloudBees Feature Management provides inherent security and data privacy because it has no access to your end-user data, including personally identifiable information (PII).

2) Get more value for your money

Expensive point-product tools can provide expansive functionality right out-of-the-box, but can’t deliver the cross-enterprise flag visibility and governance that you need to scale feature flagging throughout your organization.

CloudBees Feature Management helps our customers achieve a return on investment within 3 months of implementation. Native integration into our CD platform increases your developers’ productivity, and shortens feedback loops.

3) Empower developers with developer-first functionality

Developers quickly grow weary of feature flags solutions that are not developer-friendly; dashboards become cluttered, and SDK management becomes cumbersome, a developer adoption drops off, until you are stuck with shelf-ware.

CloudBees Feature Management contains bi-directional Configuration as Code capabilities which allow developers to work within their preferred environment and avoid process overhead.

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