CloudBees Feature Flags vs Launch Darkly

CloudBees Feature Flags vs Launch Darkly

Pay less for a developer-driven feature flag platform that stands up to the scale and complexity that comes with continuously delivering software.

Deliver flags without compromising security and compliance

CloudBees Feature Flags takes your data and privacy extremely seriously, built with the latest security processes and architecture. Your users' PII never enters our system, meaning that flags are evaluated in the safest and securest way possible.

Control flags using code.
Just like your other tools.

You need to wrap your flags in code. Why not control them with code too? CloudBees Feature Flags allow engineering teams to turn flags on or off and define segments just as they would with any other Conifiguration as Code concept.

This allows teams to scale their feature flags while maintaining visbility and traceibility not available in other platforms

flag: default.followingView
type: experiment
name: following view
- group:
- QA
- Beta Users
operator: semver-gte
semver: 3.0.1
value: truevalue: false

Nick K.
EASY TO IMPLEMENT; GREAT DOCUMENTATION AND SUPPORT "In a few hours, I was able to set it up and start setting up A/B testing in our staging environment from specs provided by our product team. Can't ask for much more than that!"
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Nick K.

Lead React Native Mobile Developer

Develop features faster, safer, and with greater confidence.

Decoupled Deployments

Rethink your software delivery strategy by decoupling code releases and feature releases - allowing teams to work on their own schedules without interrupting users.

Release Management

Control which user segments gain access to new builds and features, easily enabling your team to perform Canary or Blue/Green deployments, and beta releases.

Testing in Production

Get the most accurate testing feedback by giving production access to your QA or Testing teams - Never miss a bug again from a poorly replicated testing environment.

License Management

Grant access to certain types of users and customers (like trialers, subscribers, premium members, etc) to different features or sections of your product.

Kill Switch

Immediately kill, or turn off, features running in production without having to roll back versions or make a change to code. Stop dealing with reverted builds on the weekends.

Product Experimentation

Gain valuable feedback about how actual users are using features. Have something baked out just enough for beta testing? Roll it out to a small select user base instantly.

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