Get Full Control Over Every Feature Release

Get Full Control Over Every Feature Release

Progressively deliver features to your users with confidence, in real-time. CloudBees Feature Flags gives software teams precise control over every software release.

A scalable Feature Flag Management solution built for developers

Reduce Risk During Releases

Increase your feature flag usage to improve release collaboration and visibility

Improve Developer Productivity

Remove development bottlenecks around code deployments and even test in production

Shorten Product Feedback Loops

Tightly control and improve specific product experiences through progressive delivery

The Challenge

Deployments and Releases happen as a singular event across the entire userbase.

  • Increased risk of critical errors and bugs making it to all end users
  • Decreased developer productivity as they are involved on each release
  • Slow feedback loops from actual code pushes to users using the code

The Solution

Releases are progressively delivered to specific user segments with feature flags.

  • Granular control over every release with instant "off" of problematic changes
  • Anyone on team can release or rollback changes without developer support
  • Faster feedback for software teams as code gets deployed to segmented users

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How PetDesk De-Risks Their Releases

Read how PetDesk gets better sleep at night knowing they run less risk with their releases using feature flags.

The Ultimate Guide To Feature Flags

A catch-all guide on the hottest strategy in DevOps: deploying and releasing features behind feature flags.

Simple, lightweight, effective.

"In a few hours, I was able to set it up and start setting up A/B testing in our staging environment from specs provided by our product team. Can't ask for much more than that!"

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Nick K.
Lead React Native Mobile Developer, Stadium Goods

Easy to manage and very good to try out new features.

"The UI is very friendly and even people with non-technical background can use it without issues. I love the statistics after rolling out an experiment because they accurately reflect how many users have access to each feature. And last but not least I am happy that there’s an easy way to “roll-back” on unsuccessful features."

— User in Health, Wellness and Fitness

Rollout is an awesome product that adds value to any development or deployment workflow.

"Rollout makes it easy to create in code feature flags and has a simple to navigate interface for enabling/disabling those feature flags."

— User in Computer Software

Feature flags as a service done great.

"Easy to use and interface friendly. Everyone (from developer to project manager) can use it easily. The sync with a Github repository is great for audit and platform as code."

— Backend Developer

CloudBees Feature Flags Use Cases

Decoupled Deployments

Rethink your software delivery strategy by decoupling code releases and feature releases - allowing teams to work on their own schedules without interrupting users.

Release Management

Control which user segments gain access to new builds and features, easily enabling your team to perform Canary or Blue/Green deployments, and beta releases.

Testing in Production

Get the most accurate testing feedback by giving production access to your QA or Testing teams - Never miss a bug again from a poorly replicated testing environment.

License Management

Grant access to certain types of users and customers (like trialers, subscribers, premium members, etc) to different features or sections of your product.

Kill Switch

Immediately kill, or turn off, features running in production without having to roll back versions or make a change to code. Stop dealing with reverted builds on the weekends.

Product Experimentation

Gain valuable feedback about how actual users are using features. Have something baked out just enough for beta testing? Roll it out to a small select user base instantly.

Add feature level control across your entire stack


Continuously Release Features with Less Risk to Users

Fail-safe feature releases

Gradually introduce features based on user segments to reduce the risk of exposing the entire user base to code that hasn't been battle-tested.

  • Toggle off features with a kill switch

  • Gradually rollout and rollback

  • Pre-production and live testing

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Sample Content
Sample Content

Move fast. Break nothing

Decouple feature releases from code deployments with GitOps style feature flags. When every feature is released behind a flag you can commit directly to the mainline branch - speeding development and releasing at will.

  • Commit incomplete code to master

  • Test live, in production

  • Test values locally before code merge

  • Parallelize release changes

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Iterate smarter. Innovate faster

Receive fast feedback so that developers can iterate on features quickly. You'll know whether your feature is loved before it's released to the majority of end users in production.

  • Segment users dynamically or statically by any property in the code

  • Create rich segment rules

  • View all flags on a central dashboard

  • Integrate with any analytics, APM or observability tool

  • Support A/B and beta testing, canary and blue-green deployments

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The Safest Feature Flag Management System Available Anywhere

CloudBees Rollout is the only solution that uses private/public keys to verify that the data received by the SDK is indeed the data sent by the CloudBees Rollout system, securing the platform against man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • No access to or ability to save end user data - including any end user's Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • Secured via 128 bit SSL, using a 2048 bit RSA encryption key

  • 2FA, AES 256 hash and random salt encrypted, backend only accessible via VPN with internal credentials (2FA and private access keys)

The Only GitOps-Style Feature Flag Solution for Developers

Drive increased governance, visibility, traceability and auditability to reduce risk.

  • Treat your feature flags the same way that configuration as code treats applications

  • Document changes and versioning for feature flags in the same way the pull request tracks changes and versioning for application changes in the SCM

  • Push changes to the main branch - CloudBees Rollout understands how to update the YAML file configuration to the desired state for the feature flag

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Integrate With Your Ecosystem for Superior Observability



The Ultimate Guide to Feature Flags

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Explore the pros and cons of building a homegrown feature management system.

Feature Flag Survey w/ Atlassian

CloudBees partnered with Atlassian to sponsor this third-party survey on the state of feature flagging.

Product Brief

Feature flagging is a method to show or hide specific software features at runtime for a defined audience segment.