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Value Stream Management for Finance

The ability to prioritize initiatives to secure, attract, and retain modern banking customers is of paramount importance to modern financial services institutions. Contact us to talk to a Value Stream Management expert.

Powering Omni-Channel

Adopting value stream management practices enables financial services providers to visualize, measure, and connect value streams within a rapidly evolving banking landscape. Value stream management empowers modern FinServ institutions’ decision-making, from insights into digital transformation initiatives to best understanding the impact of a change to an application. All of this, with faster feedback loops enabling greater iteration and becoming more attuned to the customer experience. Watch the on-demand webinar, Connecting Software Delivery to Business Outcomes, to see this in action.

Value Stream Management with CloudBees

Modernize Your Customer Experience

CloudBees delivers financial service providers the foundational software delivery capabilities to modernize and lead the next era of finance. We do this by pulling in disparate tools and processes into the platform that provides automation and high velocity software delivery. We help scale financial services operations to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions with orchestration, quality, and insight.  Download the whitepaper, Real Approaches for Calculating the Business Value of DevOps, to learn how to make the case for your DevOps initiatives.

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Value Stream Intelligence

As your organization works towards its goals, it is important to keep track of key metrics. Learn how CloudBees can help you and your team get the insights you need to continuously improve.

Head of Electronic Trading Platforms
DZ Bank
“They [CloudBees] enable DZ BANK AG to model our environment in repeatable ways for running continuous integration and continuous delivery. We now have a clear view of the entire process - one that is secure, repeatable and predictable.”

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