Learn from our experts how the CloudBees platform can help you

Orchestrate continuous DevOps with Software Delivery Automation:

  • Continuous Integration - Integrate and automate the build, test, and packaging of code to artifacts.

  • Continuous Delivery - Eliminate scripts and automate deployment pipelines while verifying performance, quality and security.

  • Release Orchestration - Model, orchestrate and visualize complex application releases and deployment models. Utilize built-in audit trails and manage deployment outcomes.

And connect DevOps software delivery to business outcomes with management of:

  • Engineering Efficiency - Track and measure engineering productivity data to optimize software delivery speed, predictability, quality and cost.

  • Feature flags and management - Release and manage new features rapidly at scale. Share common visibility and governance of flags across the entire SDLC.

  • Value Stream Management - Visualize value flow and access key DevOps analytics.

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