Jenkins Community Reaches Milestone: More Than 100,000 Active Installations Worldwide

Vibrant DevOps Automation Community Has Fostered Innovation, Enabling Global Brands to Accelerate Software Delivery and Generate Superior Business Value

Jenkins Logo LOS ALTOS, CA  – February 26, 2015 – The Jenkins CI community, the community of practitioners using open source Jenkins, today announced that as of January 31, 2015, the Jenkins CI open source project has grown to 102,992 active users worldwide. This major milestone affirms the Jenkins community’s position as having the largest install base of any open source continuous integration and continuous delivery platform.

Jenkins usage is global and pervasive. Ten years after the community launched the first version of its continuous integration server, it has contributed more than 1,000 plugins and enabled faster delivery of software for enterprises all over the world. To provide perspective on the use of Jenkins, in the month of January 2015, 318,000 servers around the globe ran 5,190,252 build jobs on Jenkins. Additionally, 3,381,371 community plugins were downloaded.

The Jenkins Community achieved the following milestones in the 12 months ending January 31, 2015:

  • 34 percent growth in the number of active installations
  • 20 percent growth in the number of community plugins available
  • 64 percent growth in the number of community plugins downloaded
  • 52 percent growth in the number of build machines
  • 69 percent growth in the number of build jobs being run

Additionally, more than 2,000 community members attended a 2014 Jenkins User Conference held in four cities around the world.

Many global brands use Jenkins to develop and deploy critical business applications. Some of the companies who have presented various Jenkins-related topics at industry conferences include: Gap Inc., Google, eBay, Thomson Reuters, Cisco, Barclays, Target, Electronic Arts, Deutsche Bank, SAP, BMW, Robert Bosch, Fidelity, Neustar, Red Hat, Novartis and IBM.

“Automation for both development and operations teams has grown steadily and Jenkins’ usage has grown right along with the market,” said Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CTO of CloudBees and founder of Jenkins. “Continuous delivery created a common ground for technical people and business people to push innovation forward quickly, make the development process more efficient and reduce risk. Jenkins' extensible architecture allows organizations to leverage innovation easily - through plugins - and allows Jenkins to fit into any IT environment.”

"After just 10 years, Jenkins is widely recognized as the hub of continuous delivery, providing the key technology foundation for companies’ DevOps initiatives,” said Dean Yu, director of release engineering for Shutterfly, Inc., who serves as a member of the Jenkins CI governance board and a member of the Jenkins Community. “From its roots as 'cron with a pretty user interface,' we’re proud to see how Jenkins has grown and the kind of impact it has had for companies using it. We look forward to the advancements and innovations that Jenkins will bring to the table in the next 10 years and beyond!"

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About Jenkins CI and Jenkins Community
Jenkins CI is an open source project developed for and by the Jenkins CI community. Jenkins CI is the leading open source continuous integration (CI) server. Built with Java, it provides more than 1,000 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.

The Jenkins Community helps advocate the use of Jenkins CI to the larger development community, serving as a central source for tutorials, forums and other helpful resources for Jenkins CI users of all skill-levels. By recognizing the numerous contributors to the Jenkins CI project, the Jenkins Community creates and fosters a community-powered infrastructure for maintaining and further developing Jenkins CI. You can also follow the Jenkins community on Twitter  (@JenkinsCI).

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