Jenkins Community Establishes Native Support for AWS Serverless Application Model Creation

Extends continuous delivery best practices and configuration as code to serverless applications

Jenkins logoNICE, FRANCE – DevOps World | Jenkins World - 24 October 2018 – The Jenkins project , comprised of the community of practitioners using Jenkins® , today announced the availability of a new Jenkins plugin that will help developers read and deploy AWS serverless functions easily from their existing Jenkins pipeline automation processes.

The addition of the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) plugin for Jenkins provides a series of benefits for users operating in Jenkins and AWS environments. The integration increases Jenkins’ support for “as code” configuration with the addition of serverless application model definitions as code, extends users’ ability to adopt modern technology and infrastructure to automate their legacy software, and tightens the collaboration between the Jenkins community and AWS.

“As development teams adopt new technologies and shift to new platforms, Jenkins remains their tool of choice for orchestrating their continuous delivery pipelines,” said Kohsuke Kawaguchi, founder of Jenkins and CTO of CloudBees. “Serverless applications require the same rigor of testing, compliance and security that all applications require. The combination of AWS SAM and Jenkins allows development teams to employ the tried-and-true continuous delivery practice to the world of serverless application development, thereby helping organizations create great software faster and more efficiently.”

AWS SAM is a model to define serverless applications. It is natively supported by AWS CloudFormation and defines simplified syntax for expressing serverless resources. The specification currently covers APIs, Lambda functions and Amazon DynamoDB tables.

The AWS SAM plugin supports both classic FreeStyle jobs and Jenkins Pipeline to cover the whole range of continuous integration and continuous delivery use cases. It integrates natively with Jenkins to read and deploy serverless applications.

The Jenkins community has contributed more than 1,400 plugins to support building, deploying and automating a wide variety of software projects.

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