CloudBees Integrates Software Delivery Management Platform With Google Cloud Build and Tekton to Break Down Development Silos

CloudBees’ strategy to embrace a diverse DevOps toolchain gives organizations the ability to use their choice of technologies throughout the software delivery process, while still building a strong software delivery backbone

SAN JOSE, CA. – May 21, 2020  – CloudBees, Inc.the enterprise software delivery company, today announced significant advances for its Software Delivery Management (SDM) platform. The advances are integrations with additional continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) engines, including Google Cloud Build and Tekton, and extension of the availability of CloudBees’ SDM Preview Program.

CloudBees extended the integrations of its SDM platform to include a series of Google Cloud offerings – Google Cloud Build and Tekton pipelines. The integrations build on CloudBees’ vision for SDM, enabling stakeholders in the software delivery process to maximize efficiencies, collaborate more closely and share software delivery insights across the company while continuing to use the tools that work best for their organizations. The CloudBees SDM platform is intended to allow companies to embrace, not replace, the tools they are using and deriving value from.

“Our customers want to be able to move faster and innovate,” said Pali Bhat, vice-president, product and design at Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to work with CloudBees to integrate its platform with Google Cloud Build and Tekton pipelines, expanding our partnership to enable greater DevOps velocity and accelerate time to market for our joint customers.” 

SDM is an emerging category of software for IT that defines software delivery as a core business process. SDM is focused on solving the most challenging problems organizations face by connecting tools and processes in a way that optimizes value creation across the software delivery lifecycle. CloudBees has previously outlined its vision for the category, and today’s news is one more step in the realization of SDM. The CloudBees SDM platform integrates artifacts, data and events across an organization’s DevOps toolchain, creating a unified system of record. 

“In this fast-moving disruptive world, our clients need to respond to change and deliver value continuously at a global scale,” said Srinivasaa HG, Vice President, Wipro Digital. “Integrating CloudBees SDM with Wipro’s Digital Rig, an enterprise platform for non-linear scaling of DevSecOps, will help our joint clients accelerate their digital transformation and build a culture of continuous value creation.”

Some of the integrated capabilities that CloudBees offers to support Software Delivery Management, include:

  • Product model – A central view of all product and feature development occurring across the organization, leveraging information from the entire toolchain. You get visibility and insights into the effectiveness of your software delivery process.

  • Policy engine – Create policies to trigger actions driving governance and best practices that help product teams and stakeholders define better ways of working to improve the software delivery process.

  • Reporting engine - Create reports related to development efficiency, contribution and progress from data aggregated across the entire DevOps toolchain. Also create custom reports to answer specific questions related to your software delivery process.

  • Feature management - Real-time insights to manage on-time delivery of features so you can see progress, status and contributors, as well as blockers risking delivery timeline. 

  • Real-time value stream management – Model and visualize the software delivery process while accessing key to measure and manage DevOps performance.

  • Application framework - Flexible platform to link other tools in your toolchain through an API connection in order to pull in data that can be used for reporting and policy management. Lets you embrace, not replace, the tools you have.

“Integrating and embracing an open ecosystem of DevOps tools is part of our DNA,” said Moritz Plassnig, senior vice president cloud and general manager for Software Delivery Management. “With these integrations, we further enable customers to embrace their tools of choice in order to get maximum value out of their software development and delivery efforts - to finally break down the silos that block them from becoming software-first companies. SDM is the backbone for advancing software delivery processes, without becoming a lock-in.”

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