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Continuous Everything: Why Software Delivery Management Matters

In the DevOps world, implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a long and arduous digital transformation process. That said, many organizations are succeeding and reaping the benefits of automation. Despite an organization’s ability to deliver software faster, there’s still missing gaps from silos that exist between various business functions across the organization. This slows down the flow of information about the software delivery process and hampers the ability to optimize various departmental functions based on lack of - or outdated - information.

Enter the emerging category of Software Delivery Management (SDM).

SDM breaks down silos, providing visibility across an organization into the software development lifecycle. It relies on four foundational pillars:

  • Common Data

  • Universal Insights

  • Common Connected Processes

  • All Functions Collaborating

These pillars support a unified system of record in which all functions can enjoy continuous insights and feedback, resulting in faster software delivery and positive impact on the business.

To learn more about SDM, this whitepaper will help you understand how and why SDM is evolving and the benefits it will provide to your organization. Break down the silos and see how the business of DevOps and Software Delivery Management can transform your organization into a faster software delivery machine.

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