CloudBees Ecosystem Continues to Expand with New Add-On Services and SI Partners, Worldwide

18 New Partners Help Developers Build, Test, Deploy and Manage Apps in the Cloud

WOBURN, MA. - June 18, 2013 - CloudBees, Inc. , the Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) innovation leader, today announced that 18 new partners have joined the CloudBees Partner Ecosystem. New partners include Technology Partners, who provide add-on functionality for developers using the CloudBees Platform, and new Services Partners who provide expert professional services. Now over 60 partners strong, the CloudBees Ecosystem offers greater value across a wide array of service offerings for CloudBees customers.

The CloudBees Ecosystem gives development teams one-click access to a suite of build, test, deploy, monitor and management services. For Technology Partners, the CloudBees Ecosystem offers exposure to users of the fastest-growing Java PaaS solution on the market and the ability to easily extend their services to those users. For Services Partners, using the CloudBees Platform accelerates software delivery projects for clients, reduces the complexities of the development and deployment process and optimizes consultant productivity.

"With the help of partners, we are accelerating application development and deployment," said Andrew Lee, vice president, business development, CloudBees. "Our Partner Ecosystem is bringing more value to software development teams that need best-of-breed services for software delivery and also to organizations that need a trusted services partner to help craft and implement their solutions."

Stephen Perin, open API offering manager for OCTO Technology, said his company has successfully used the CloudBees Platform for customers in a variety of vertical industries, including financial services.

"The CloudBees Platform as a Service greatly helps OCTO Technology to deliver innovative projects with very aggressive time-to-market deadlines," said Perin. "When starting new projects, in just a few clicks CloudBees provides us with a complete software factory. We were able to develop a custom Web API and get the production environment configured and running in record time for a major online bank in France."

When Unidine Corp., a food and dining management services company, needed support for one of its most mission-critical applications, it turned to People10, a new CloudBees Services Partner.

"That turned out to be the ideal choice," said David Leuci, vice president, Information Technology, Unidine. "We have come to depend on the expertise offered by People10 and the technology offered by CloudBees not only to deliver new functionality quickly, but also to make our application more stable, reduce technical debts and minimize business risk. We have set up a continuous delivery environment with Jenkins and are able to consistently run our application around the clock with no interruptions in service."

VX Company is a Services Partner that used the CloudBees Platform to re-develop a former desktop application for Soweto Care System and deliver it as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Soweto Care System is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Africa that supports other NGOs focused on AIDS programs.

"The Soweto application is now delivered as a SaaS solution and used to monitor AIDS patients and their families," said Bas van Oudenaarde, technical manager, VX Company. "With the cloud development and delivery model, it is much easier for Soweto Care System and other NGOs to implement and use Soweto as a SaaS application. There is no software to install, upgrade or maintain in a SaaS model."

BlazeMeter, a newly integrated Technology Partner, provides a load testing service that runs on CloudBees. "We are delighted to be integrated with the CloudBees Platform, the leading Java Platform as a Service solution," said Alon Girmonsky, CEO. "BlazeMeter was created to address the performance testing needs of developers and devops teams. Adding a built-in integration with CloudBees and Jenkins was an obvious next step."

Partners joining the CloudBees Ecosystem include the following:

New Technology Partners

  • BlazeMeter - An out-of-the-box, self-service load testing solution that is 100% compatible with Apache JMeter™, designed for customers who want to run performance tests in the cloud.

  • CloudAMPQ - A provider of RabbitMQ as a Service. RabbitMQ is the leading implementation of the open messaging protocol AMQP. Messaging can be used for job queueing, application integrations and application decoupling, and is therefore excellent for scaling.

  • Dyn - An Internet Infrastructure as a Service provider, powering managed DNS, traffic management, email delivery and email reporting for over 4 million enterprise, small business and personal users.

  • eGraphite / Hosted Graphite - Hosted Graphite takes the leading open source monitoring tool Graphite and brings it to the cloud, providing a fast, scalable service to graph, monitor and analyze applications.

  • InterCloud - A fully-secured and QoS-controlled solution to interconnect applications or data resources between CloudBees, other cloud providers, and their own datacenters.

  • Totango - Software that helps cloud-based software solutions collect, analyze, and manage engagement data about their users so they can create and build an active and engaged user base.

  • Vessel (formerly Zubhium) - A comprehensive suite of next-generation mobile application-building tools. With Vessel, developers can focus on inventing and building better mobile applications.

  • XebiaLabs - A provider of Continuous Delivery automation technology that offers one-click deployments to middleware environments without scripting. Continuous Delivery helps organizations deliver business value faster and more efficiently.

New Services Partners

  • codecentric - a leading IT consulting company specializing in agile software development, performance and continuous delivery.

  • Ennovative Solutions - a full-service digital agency that builds websites focused on high-complexity development applications such as ecommerce, Learning Management Systems and Student Management Systems.

  • Lunatech - a provider of IT consulting, product research and development services to implement medium-sized to large IT systems.

  • OCTO Technology - a consulting company that helps clients design information systems and applications to transform their businesses.

  • |opensourcearchitect| - a service provider formed by enterprise architects and middleware experts who have been working with open source technology for over a decade.

  • People10 - a new age IT services company focused on empowering organizations to "rethink agility" through state-of-the-art technology solutions. People10 provides agile IT delivery, IT consulting and information management and analytics services.

  • SHIFT - a provider of consulting, QA and testing services for software development projects. SHIFT provides services for the design, test planning and test management of website and business system application projects.

  • Vivat, Inc. - a boutique professional services organization, with extensive experience delivering practical implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture systems to enterprises.

  • VX Company - an IT service provider focused on the analysis, design, development, integration, testing and management of applications and computing infrastructures across many technology platforms.

  • Xplore Group - a team of 300 highly skilled people that deliver high quality, reliable web applications, e-commerce and mobile solutions with a strong focus on integration.


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