CloudBees Accelerates Mobile Application Development with Continuous Cloud Delivery for Mobile Applications

Only PaaS Vendor to Offer Hosted Mac Builds for OS X and iOS Applications

 CloudBees, the Enterprise Platform as a ServiceAT JAVAONE 2013 CONFERENCE, SAN FRANCISCO - September 23, 2013 - CloudBees, Inc. , the Enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) innovation leader, today announced Continuous Cloud Delivery for mobile applications through a set of mobile PaaS features that provide full support for hosted OS X and iOS builds. This new offering extends the capability CloudBees already offers for Android application development. The addition of iOS and OS X support establishes CloudBees as the first PaaS vendor to offer fully automated building and testing for iOS apps, completely in the cloud. CloudBees also announced a new mobile PaaS resource center that offers mobile developers valuable content to aid them in using Jenkins continuous integration (CI).

Continuous Cloud Delivery enables enterprises to automate the building and testing of mobile apps and associated backend services in the cloud. Using the CloudBees Platform, developers can build and test applications for Android and iOS devices in a fully integrated manner. This represents a breakthrough, especially for mobile application developers who previously had to run iOS builds utilizing on-premise Mac systems. CloudBees now brings the power of the cloud - immediate provisioning, elasticity and scalability - to the world of iOS development, allowing iOS builds to occur, along with all of the other development processes, in the cloud. The result is a streamlined and efficient development process that is fully automated.

"Agile development is focused on shortening all the feedback loops in a development cycle. Embedded testing, continuous integration and frequent demos are used to keep the project on the right track. A few companies, mostly in the consumer Web and mobile spaces, have reduced the feedback loop even further by deploying each new feature as soon as it is completed. This provides immediate feedback on how the code actually works in production.," noted Nathan Wilson, principal research analyst, Gartner Research.1

Additionally, with its recent FoxWeave acquisition, CloudBees now facilitates the integration of data and other Software as a Service (SaaS) applications with mobile and web applications. WEAVE@cloud is fully integrated with the CloudBees mobile PaaS and enables developers to easily synchronize and migrate data as well as integrate back-end services into mobile applications.

To enable mobile developers to quickly learn and take advantage of the mobile PaaS features within the CloudBees Platform, CloudBees has created a mobile PaaS Resource Center. The mobile PaaS Resource Center contains working sample projects and GitHub examples that developers can clone and use to quickly take advantage of the features from iOS and Android front-ends to Java and NoSQL back ends.

"You're either reaching your customers on mobile devices today, or you aren't reaching them at all," said Steven G. Harris, senior vice president of products, CloudBees. "We're combining the most popular CI server, Jenkins, with the hosted cloud resources you need to deliver quality mobile apps continuously. You can learn how to automate builds and testing for iOS and Android, all in the cloud, using complete, front-to-back open source examples."

CloudBees' new mobile PaaS capabilities include the following:

  1. Developer Preview2 availability of cloud-hosted iOS build resources

  2. Automated iOS builds, including profile provisioning and other mechanics of iOS builds

  3. End-to-end enterprise development support with no infrastructure required, from ERP to Android and iOS, using continuous integration powered by Jenkins

  4. New CloudBees Mobile PaaS Resource Center

  5. Complete, end-to-end open source example projects for mobile apps on GitHub

These capabilities are augmented by CloudBees Ecosystem Partners, who bring best-of-breed capabilities for cloud-based testing, monitoring and deployment of mobile applications.

Additional Resources

  • Visit the Mobile PaaS Resource Center on the CloudBees website:
    The Mobile PaaS Resource Center serves as the gateway to a variety of mobile resources, including complete end-to-end example projects for mobile applications on GitHub

  • Visit the mobile wiki:


  1. Gartner, "Achieving Continuous Delivery," Nathan Wilson, 21 January 2013

  2. Access to the hosted iOS build resources is available using your standard CloudBees account, but gated during the Developer Preview period. If interested in using the hosted iOS build capabilities please request access at

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