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How Testim Used CloudBees Feature Management to Speed Delivery of Features to its Customers

About Testim

Testim leverages AI to speed the authoring, execution and maintenance of automated software testing. In particular, companies wishing to embrace agile development, use Testim to accelerate the release cycle and significantly reduce the cost of QA testing- since anyone can now automate tests without the need of code. Testim has hundreds of customers ranging from smaller startups to large, well established enterprises. 

The platform is available both in private cloud and on-premise versions. We use dynamic locators and learn with every execution. The outcome is super fast authoring and stable tests that learn, thus eliminating the need to continually maintain tests with every code change. NetApp, Gett, Wix and others run over 600,000 tests using Testim every month. 

"Ultimately there was only a single platform on the market that met those requirements - so our decision to implement CloudBees Feature Management was truly a no-brainer."

Oren Rubin

CEO, Testim



Testim constantly evolves its platform, often adding features in response to requests from its customers. To do this more efficiently while not sacrificing reliability and safety, the team wanted the ability to publish experimental features only to Testim employees (aka dogfooding), introduce new features specifically for sales demos, or get feedback from a small number of customers (early adopters).

Once features were deemed ready to roll widely, Testim also needed the ability to deploy those features gradually to their entire customer base. This capability gives the team more control in minimizing any potential negative technical or business impact. 

Earlier this year, Testim began searching for feature flag solution that could address these challenges while supporting rapid integration into its platform and without adding complexity for Testim’s team. 

CloudBees Feature Management: The Perfect Solution

Ultimately, Testim only needed to evaluate one solution: CloudBees Feature Management.

"Our primary requirements were to maximize the speed of development and deployment, so it was critical for us that the solution we choose was engineering friendly,” explained Oren Rubin, CEO at Testim. "Ultimately there was only a single platform on the market that met those requirements - so our decision to implement CloudBees Feature Management was truly a no-brainer.”

While Testim’s product team uses CloudBees Feature Management to strategically deliver features only to certain customers, its R&D team can push code into the master branch for staged delivery to all customers. In both cases, speed is enhanced while the risk of negative impact is minimized. 

In addition, due to CloudBees Feature Management’ integration with Jira, Testim managers are able to get a real-time view of features in production using the same dashboard they are already accustomed to using.

"Working with CloudBees Feature Management has been smoother than we could have hoped,” explained Rubin. "Not only does the Testim team benefit from reduced development costs, but our customers gain access to new features much more quickly than ever before without compromising reliability. It’s a win-win.”