Accenture Helps Leading North American Company Propel its Strategy with a DevOps Transformation


Accenture led an effort with its client, a leading North American company, to adopt a DevOps practice, enabling the IT organization to speed deployments and match the rapid pace of innovation required for the success of the client’s strategic business objectives


Enable its client to capture market share and grow customer loyalty with rapid software innovation in support of its business strategy


Transform the continuous delivery pipeline and adopt a DevOps culture underpinned by the CloudBees Jenkins Platform™


» Production deployment time cut by more than 90%

» Environment set up time decreased by 96%

» Development build and deploy times reduced by more than 75%

» Downtime for deployments reduced by 100%


» CloudBees Jenkins Platform


For the past four years, a leading North American company has been capturing significant market share from its competitors by regularly rolling out new service offerings to millions of customers as part of its strategic marketing campaign. This series of customer-focused offerings was being launched at lightning speeds.

Successful execution of the strategy hinged upon the organization’s ability to implement innovative new features and changes in the company’s web applications in rapid-fire succession. To make this possible, the organization partnered with Accenture to transform its continuous delivery pipeline and kick off a DevOps transformation with the CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

“Our client’s campaign demands a lot of new offers and quick IT changes be rolled out to production,” says Ravish Pathak, technology consulting manager and DevOps practice lead at Accenture.

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We would not have been able to achieve this level of innovation without the adoption of DevOps and CloudBees Jenkins Solutions. This has had a big impact on our client’s customer experience.
Ravish Pathak
Technology consulting manager and DevOps practice lead, Accenture