Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)

Maximize sdlc compliance with the cloudbees compliance and continuous controls monitoring (ccm). Unlock the power of efficiency, reliability, and cost savings.

Prove SDLC Compliance at Every Stage

Achieve end-to-end automation of security assurance, deployment management, and comprehensive SDLC controls. Eliminate the cost and time-consuming toil of repetitive compliance processes with CloudBees Compliance Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM).

Continuous Control Monitoring with CloudBees

Assure continuous controls

Define what good looks like in a declarative way, then continuously assess, assert and evidence compliance against that!

Activate policies with a single click

Use out-of-the-box control frameworks including Open Policy Agent (OPA) checks for control frameworks (FedRAMP and SOC-2, etc.) or clone and customize as needed.

Customize and activate with Policy as Code

Utilize the extensible control framework using a “no-code” designer to generate Policy as Code.

Provide regulatory evidence on demand

Prove regulatory compliance in real-time with continuous evidence collection for all control checks, including policy definitions.

Explore How CloudBees Compliance Can Drive Substantial Impact and Propel Your Success.

Potential savings for 10 apps per year.

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Hours saved

The Problem

Organizations often must comply with some control framework (FedRamp, SOC-2, etc.). These regulations, often complicated PDFs, must be converted into checks to prove SDLC compliance.  Now, consider the impact of this process to prove adherence to multiple regulations. This process:

  • Requires many duplicative iterations, depending on the framework.

  • Wastes valuable resources with repetitive grunt work.

  • Changes in controls or tools call for reevaluating the process's validity.

All these make compliance a manual, momentary task, regardless of ongoing application changes.

The Solution

CloudBees Compliance simplifies certification standards with preconfigured Open Policy Agent (OPA) checks to automate the certification process. CloudBees Compliance orchestrates various security tasks and compliance checks, like static code scanning and infrastructure scanning, when needed. 

The results are linked to relevant controls with the appropriate evidence. Data is presented in an audit-friendly format for the certification process. As a result,  organizations can monitor compliance in near real-time to identify and correct any control failures.  

  • OOTB Control frameworks, single-click activation.

  • Reusable declarative OPA policies mapped across to the frameworks, activate as-is, or clone/customize as needed.

  • Best-in-breed integrations to provide the required data points for continuous real time assessments against the OPA policies.

  • Near real-time control effectiveness dashboards for each application and business service.

  • Automatic audit-ready evidence is available for each control at the click of a button.

  • No-code policy generation tool.

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