CloudBees Compliance Features

Discover the comprehensive insights into the additional CloudBees Compliance features offered.

Eliminate the Noise, Focus on Innovation

  • Eliminate security and compliance tool noise for developers. Deliver precise signals with full context to their task management tool, eliminating duplicates and false positives.

    Achieve balance between secure operations and optimized developer productivity with CloudBees Compliance.

    Security is undeniably paramount. However, the practice of forcing pipeline templates for each source code modification leads to overcrowded CI/CD pipelines. This traditional method creates a slew of security tool notifications, most of which are duplicates or false positives. It results in slow, hard-to-maintain pipelines and hampers developers from customizing their workflow. Moreover, the constant toggling between tool-specific UIs for acknowledging issues results in confusion, frustration, and a diversion from their core job - creating value through code.

    This scenario often leaves developers with a tough choice: Concentrate on generating business value or on managing security notifications. Unsurprisingly, many choose the former, leading to a "quiet quitting" on managing security.

    CloudBees Compliance revolutionizes this scenario. It takes over the responsibility of all security checks, maintaining tools and security checks outside of the pipelines. This approach liberates your pipelines from mandated code and reinstates creativity and freedom to your developers.

    Moreover, CloudBees Compliance refines the security scanner outputs. It deduplicates notifications, reprioritizes based on application context, and assigns what truly matters back to the developers. The tasks are maintained in the developers' tool of choice, such as JIRA, and automatically closed once the issues are fixed.

    With CloudBees Compliance, maximize your developers' time spent on delivering business value, without compromising on security. It's not a choice anymore, it's the best of both worlds.

Introduce Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

  • Get a real-time view of all of the vulnerabilities (and compliance rules) affecting your applications, correlated, contextualized, and prioritized based on risk, letting development and cybersecurity teams focus on what truly matters for your business.

    Achieve a real-time view of production vulnerabilities, ensuring you're always one step ahead in safeguarding your data and operations.

    Map vulnerability information to your reality, with an emphasis on risk: vulnerabilities are correlated across tools to avoid duplicate noise, contextualized for maximum insight, and prioritized so you can have the biggest possible impact as early as possible.

    Adopt a proactive approach to vulnerability management with an automated review workflow for risk acceptance across development, security and compliance teams. This ensures that no risk goes unchecked and that your team can efficiently manage and respond to threats, all while being transparent and aligned on what decisions are taken and why.

    Keep your defenses robust and updated with continuous scanning and auto-remediation based on real-time change. With CloudBees Compliance, your systems evolve alongside dynamic security landscapes, ensuring optimal protection at all times.

    Empower your business with CloudBees Compliance's Risk-Based Vulnerability Management. Enjoy a safer, smoother, and more secure operation.

Embrace, Don’t Replace - Open And Extensible

  • Embrace the security choices you have and enjoy flexibility by disconnecting your controls from your security tools and DevOps pipeline. Get the flexibility to swap any scanner, with no impact on how you define your security posture, or development teams.

    Our solution embraces any security tool you currently employ, providing an adaptable and extensible foundation to bolster your security and compliance stance.

    Out-of-the-box, CloudBees Compliance is equipped with multiple open source scanners, and has integration with leading scanners on the market. With CloudBees Compliance, you have the flexibility to experiment with and swap tools without any impact on your controls.

    With our user-friendly graphical composer, you can build rules entirely independent of the tools in use, and mix-and-matching different asset types (hence underlying scanners) in your rules (source code, binaries, runtime environments, data, identity).

    With our user-friendly graphical composer, you can build rules entirely independent of the tools in use. Furthermore, you can even mix and match different asset types (source code, binaries, runtime environments, data, identify) within a same rule.

    Moreover, our platform allows you to extend and customize the CloudBees Compliance data-model - including assets, rules, and policies - through REST APIs. Ultimately, all rules are transformed into Rego code running in an Open Policy Agent (OPA) engine. 

    Choose CloudBees Compliance for an open, extensible, and flexible approach to securing your digital assets.

Simplify DevSecOps: Unify And Centralize Policies For All Asset Types

  • CloudBees Compliance continuously assesses security and compliance in CI/CD pipelines, resolving unnoticed issues and eliminating post-deployment compliance worries. Centralizing checks provides a comprehensive security view, simplifying management.

    Why is continuous assessment important? Let’s look at two common examples. Perhaps new CVEs are being applied to code that’s already in production, but not going through new code changes. Or, outdated container images and the wrong type of identity keys are being used in production. CloudBees Compliance detects these things because it continuously looks at source code, binaries, runtime environments, data and identity, including post-deployment. This is particularly important for applications that are not going through regular code changes anymore: they may be in production with security issues that will go undetected until new code gets contributed.

    Further, pipeline-embedded checks often become brittle and difficult to maintain over time. They also do not provide a holistic view of the entire set of checks across geographies, environments, departments, applications, and tools. Bid farewell to these challenges - you get a unified view of your entire security posture.

    Finally, the versatile approach of CloudBees Compliance means developers have the freedom to optimize their pipelines and enjoy a speedy feedback loop without bloated pipelines that slow creativity and productivity. This also supports the trend of internal developer platforms (IDPs), where developers have more flexibility and creativity than ever before.

Activate Regulatory Compliance Policies in One Click

  • CloudBees Compliance comes with extensive pre-built policies that make it possible to assert SDLC regulatory compliance for frameworks such as SOC 2, PCI, FedRAMP, ISO 27001, and more.

    Auditors can access a real-time, live audit of any application, including all collected evidence. 

    Enter a world of effortless compliance. Configure your application with CloudBees Compliance and gain an instant, continuous update of your compliance with leading regulatory frameworks.

    Take advantage of our out-of-the-box OPA policies that cater to critically required regulatory frameworks such as SOC 2, PCI, FedRAMP, and ISO 27001. Rather than starting from scratch, you can clone pre-existing policies and customize them to build your internal control frameworks.

    And it doesn't end there. Checks are much more efficient as they are reused across multiple standards, ensuring your compliance is as efficient as it is robust.

    An auditor-dedicated view makes it possible to get access to the full data required to assess SDLC compliance of your applications, including live access to all evidence that has been automatically collected. This provides huge savings to a process that’s otherwise manual and resource intensive.

    With CloudBees Compliance, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're always on the right side of compliance.

  • Experience the best of Open Standards with user-friendly simplicity! Our policy generation tool offers an elegant interface for effortlessly creating complex checks. Easily drag and drop assets to harness the full power of Open Policy Agent (OPA)!

    Simplify policy creation with the no-code policy generation tool in CloudBees Compliance. Not only can you set up complex checks quickly, but creating pass/fail conditions is a breeze. Policy management just became effortless!

    Moreover, with CloudBees Compliance, you can save your policy as code. This feature allows for seamless integration, easy edits, versioning and transparent sharing across your team. Our platform generates Rego policies automatically, that are then executed by the OPA engine.

Provide Regulatory Evidence on Demand

  • As OPA checks are run, compliance evidence is generated in real-time. You can trust this evidence, thanks to the cryptographic attestation that ensures its validity and integrity.

    CloudBees Compliance allows you to view, export, and download audit-ready evidence with the click of a button. It's a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution to producing compliance documentation.

    With CloudBees Compliance, you turn the tedious task of evidence gathering into into a swift, reliable, and effortless process.

Enforce Compliant Deployments

  • Seamlessly integrate your security and compliance posture as part of your deployment gates and change management tools, like ServiceNow.

    Boost your deployment process: CloudBees Compliance not only continuously runs a complete security assessment, and collects and provides evidence, it also maintains an up-to-date status of your security and compliance posture that you can then feed into your deployment gates and change management tools, like ServiceNow.

    Additionally, you can define a minimum threshold to reach before allowing deployment. This feature ensures that every deployment meets your high standards of security and compliance.

    Benefit from a fully automated and secure approach to deployment gates and change management processes.

Share a Single Source of Truth Across All Teams

  • Institute team alignment and collaboration with CloudBees Compliance. We help teams converge on a common, real-time view of their security and compliance landscape. By removing friction between teams, we promote a harmonious and efficient work environment.

    Our platform shares checks, assets, and evidence across teams. This approach ensures that everyone stays in the loop and has access to important information in real-time.

    Say goodbye to unproductive meetings whenever requirements and checks evolve or new applications are created. With CloudBees Compliance, you can focus your time and energy on what truly matters: creating and maintaining secure and compliant applications.

    In addition to making security and compliance painless, CloudBees Compliance will also foster team collaboration and efficiency.