Year in Review: Our Top Blog Posts from 2015

Written by: Electric Bee
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2015 has been a busy year for us at CloudBees, as we continue to innovate on the Product front to transform the way organizations deliver software to market. 2015 saw the launch of CloudBees Flow Deploy - the industry's most powerful  deploy automation and ARA solution , soon followed by CloudBees Flow Release  - which provides DevOps teams across the organization an easy way to coordinate software releases, enabling a clear, intuitive, view of your Path to Production and the state of your Release at any given time. 2015 has also been busy for us on the Community front  - as we continue the conversation with this awesome DevOps community, to share our experiences and learn from each other - so we can all deliver better software faster, together! In 2015 we had a record-breaking DevOps Enterprise Summit this October, our bi-weekly video podcast Continuous Discussions (#c9d9)  is now 31 episodes strong , and this blog saw 140 posts this past year, from more than 30 contributors . These authors come from across CloudBees (plus some guest posts by Gene Kim, Seb Rose, and others) - to share their views on modern software delivery practices to help advance and accelerate our mutual DevOps transformation.

Below is a countdown of the most viewed posts from 2015 - check to see if your favorite is in the list!

A Blueprint: How to Effectively Roll Out a New Technology in the Organization

By Andreas Dharmawan


2Immutable Servers, FTW!

By Nikhil Vaze


3Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 20 Recap – DevOps and CD KPIs – With Gene Kim

By Anders Wallgren gene-kim-on-c9d9-devops-episode-20

4Audit Compliance: an Ex-Auditor Shares Tips on How to Pass Your Next IT Audit

By Juan Jimenez auditor

5DockerCon Hackathon: Continuous Dockery

By Tanay Nagjee docker-cd-pipeline-feature

6Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 15 Recap – Consistent Deployments Across Dev, Test and Prod

By Sam Fell S01E15

7Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 8 Recap – Continuous Testing and Test Acceleration

By Sam Fell c9d9-testing

8Strategies for IoT Software Development and Delivery

By Andreas Dharmawan IoT Multi-target Software Delivery LowRez

9Weekly Top 10: DevOps Meme Party

By CloudBees devops-meme

10 How E*Trade, Intel, HP, CenturyLink and Bose Automate All the Things? – Watch the Video

By Sam Fell EC_does15-video-chat2   We look forward to continuing the conversation in 2016!

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