Workflow 1.5 released

Written by: jglick
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I just released Workflow 1.5, which should be on the update centers soon. The changelog notes that this release fixes some critical bugs affecting recent Jenkins weekly releases, so anyone running those should update immediately.

Also the Jenkins baseline is now in the 1.596.x LTS line; I do not plan to implement new features for 1.580.x users, though there could be some backports of important bug fixes as needed. This release includes some new APIs which will be necessary for supporting build wrappers, an oft-requested integration category ; actual support will have to wait for APIs expected to be in the next Jenkins LTS. (Specifically basic support is possible as of 1.599, and more support as of 1.608.) On that topic, some improvements to “executor” handling have been prepared and are just awaiting an LTS starting at 1.607.

1.5 also includes a couple new user-level features. The new withEnv block-scoped step makes it easier to manage environment variables like $PATH even when you are running build steps on multiple agents in parallel. The fileExists step (thanks Bastian Echterhoelter !) replaces a clumsy earlier idiom with readFile and catching FileNotFoundException .

I also released version 1.4 of the Credentials Binding plugin. The changelog notes that all of the changes related to the withCredentials Workflow step, most of them taking advantage of changes in Workflow 1.5.

Jesse Glick

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