White Glove Treatment for Your Enterprise DevOps Initiatives

Written by: Heidi Gilmore

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Today we kick off a new campaign focusing on the value that CloudBees and Jenkins deliver to organizations to enable their enterprise DevOps initiatives.

As you know, the Jenkins butler has been the official mascot of the Jenkins project since the Jenkins project started. We always talk about Jenkins being an orchestration engine. A butler is a fitting representation of this. If we look at the definition of “butler” we see:

“the chief servant of a household who has charge of other employees, receives guests, directs the serving of meals, and performs various personal services.”1

In other words, a butler makes things happen. A butler orchestrates everyone being where they need to be, when they need to be and that they know their role. The butler makes things happen as scheduled. Perfect.

The Jenkins we all know does similar things. Jenkins makes sure your commit doesn’t break the build (continuous integration). Then, throughout the software delivery process, Jenkins makes things happen when they are supposed to (continuous delivery). Jenkins can also send updates directly to production (continuous deployment), no human intervention needed.

At CloudBees, we take the Jenkins butler and make him enterprise-worthy by adding additional features in the areas of security, scalability, manageability and high availability. Now CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise can orchestrate software delivery pipelines for multiple teams, running hundreds or thousands of jobs, across hundreds or thousands of projects – and for teams that may even be in different geographical locations. In short, we enable the butler to scale up his role, ensuring oversight and orchestration at levels required by enterprises.

Check out the enterprise-worthy offerings CloudBees provides. In fact, you can try CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise for free .

While you are at it, learn why software delivery teams within organizations like ABN AMRO, Capital One, Accenture, Temenos, Bosch, Morningstar and Allianz trust CloudBees and Jenkins to serve up enterprise software delivery.

Have fun exploring CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. We look forward to giving your DevOps initiatives the white glove treatment!

P.S. According to dictionary.com, another definition of butler is:

late 12c., from Anglo-French buteillier "cup-bearer," from Old Frenchboteillier "cup-bearer, butler, officer in charge of wine," from boteille "winevessel, bottle" (see bottle (n.)). The word reflects the position's original function as "chief servant in charge of wine." In Old French, fem.boteilliere was used of the Virgin Mary as "dispenser" of the cup of Mercy. 2

Clearly they meant chief servant in charge of beer!

1 Mirriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/butler
2 dictionary.com, http://www.dictionary.com/browse/butler

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