Where in the World is Jenkins? - December 2014

Written by: Emily van der Haagen
3 min read
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CloudBees employees travel the world to participate in a lot of interesting events. Right up to the holidays, the Bees are busy. If you are attending any of these December events, be sure to connect with us!

  • Gartner AADI Summit – 8-10 December

    “Innovate, transform, accelerate: powering the digital future” that’s what it’s all about in the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit. It is the single most important presentation of Gartner insight across applications priorities each year, bringing together 40 Gartner analysts and hundreds of application professionals. Nearly 50 analyst sessions, plus a robust agenda of keynotes, tutorials, end–user case studies, workshops and analyst–user roundtables deliver the insight you need to modernize, innovate and transform the business. Click here for more information and to register .

  • Webinar: Orchestrating the Continuous Delivery Process in Jenkins with Workflow - 10 December, 1:00 pm EST
    The right cultural values and processes alone cannot keep pace with the demands for application delivery speed. Automation technology is the engine that drives faster application delivery. The new Workflow feature is that engine in Jenkins. Join Steve Harris, senior vice president of products and Cyrille Le Clerc, director of product management, as they address the business and technical aspects of CD. They will demonstrate how Workflow models complex control structures, human interactions and can even restart from checkpoints.

    In this session, you will learn how Jenkins:

    • Forms the hub of an automated CD pipeline

    • Serves as a bridge between development and operations teams, providing a common tool for both

    • Can automate the CD process more comprehensively now, with Workflow.

      Register for the webinar here!

  • Webinar: Analyze This! Jenkins Cluster Operations and Analytics - 17 December, 1:00 pm EST
    More and more organizations are jumping on the continuous delivery bandwagon to remain competitive. As they do so, they use Jenkins to onboard teams and to orchestrate their continuous delivery pipelines. Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees is the tool that helps organizations run their CI infrastructure at scale.

    In this webinar, you will learn about:

    • Reference architectures to build resilient Jenkins that onboard teams quickly

    • Cluster Operations - now you can manage multiple Jenkins instances simultaneously. Want to easily install a new plugin on four Jenkins controllers? We've got that covered!

    • C loudBees Analytics - offers insight into build and performance analytics. Want to know the number of jobs that are failing across four controllers - we've got that covered too!

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  • Webinar: Continuous Delivery and Pipeline Traceability with Jenkins and Chef - 18 December, 1:00 pm EST
    Jenkins and Chef are two of the most popular open source tools used to deliver software in tandem. Jenkins is used in delivery pipelines where development teams build, test and deliver software to artifact repositories. DevOps teams not only deploy artifacts from these repositories with Chef, they also apply the same software development lifecycle practices to managing infrastructure by introducing all configuration changes as code via Chef, and using Jenkins to automate test-driven release of changes programmatically all the way through to production.

    In this webinar, we will cover:

    • Chaining together jobs using Chef to set up CI/CD pipelines

    • Deploying artifacts from development through to production using Chef and Jenkins

    • Continuous delivery patterns using Jenkins and Chef

    • A demo of how the Jenkins Traceability feature works with Chef

      Register for the webinar here!

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