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Did you think we forgot about our good friends Agile and Continuous Integration? With all the buzz around DevOps looking towards 2016, it’s been challenging to focus on anything else. DevOps, Agile, CI and Continuous Delivery are all joined at the hip , and this past week saw some great articles on these methodologies on our news feed. According to Joe Feccorata from InfoQ, adopting Agile practices can actually increase employee satisfaction . Not only can Agile promise happiness in the workplace, but the US Government is finding ways this method can save the planet . Still struggling with continuous integration adoption? Rami Honig from TechBeacon lays out 6 best practices of CI that even veterans can learn from.
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1DevOps and Continuous Delivery: Joined at the Hip

By @PerezTechJourno | Published on @TechBeaconCom http://techbeacon.com/devops-continuous-delivery-joined-hip
The VP of IT and the CIO had been having a fine morning. In fact, they'd been having a fine past couple of years—until a few minutes ago, when the CEO abruptly pushed the C-suite's panic button and their blood pressure shot up to the stratosphere. The CEO has just learned that their main competitor pulled an Amazon and revamped its software development and delivery process in a way that lets them deploy bug patches, updates, and improvements constantly, as in every hour or less.

#DevOps & #ContinuousDelivery are a match made in heaven: https://t.co/rZxBvja4Vd @TechBeaconCom @PerezTechJourno pic.twitter.com/LeEDg33pNZ

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) December 7, 2015

27 Signs you're Doing DevOps Wrong

By @adbertram | Published on @CIOonline
Devops is a transformative ethos that many companies are putting to their advantage. As with anything that hinges on culture, however, it can be too easy to slap together a few tools, sprinkle in new processes, and call yourself a devops-fueled organization. After all, saying that your company embraces devops and regularly practices devops techniques is popular nowadays, and it can serve as great PR for bringing in great talent to your team. But in truth, many companies -- and technical recruiters -- that are proclaiming their devotion to devops from the hilltops aren’t really devops organizations.

7 signs you're doing devops wrong https://t.co/cIemxcIH8m @CIOonline — CIO.com (@CIOonline) December 7, 2015

311 Gifts for the DevOps Person in your Life

By @loudalouda | Published on @Medium https://medium.com/continuous-delivery/11-gifts-for-the-devops-person-in-your-life-eed863b1208b#.o0yxjffja
There are plenty of lists out there for the tech lover, dog lover, fashion lover, and love lovers of your life, but what about that hard-to-shop-for developer? Here are a few ideas…

11 gift ideas for the #DevOps person in your life https://t.co/ZmbMqwVowE
— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) December 8, 2015

4Getting from Performance Testing to Performance Engineering

By @appperfeng | Published on @TechBeaconCom http://techbeacon.com/getting-performance-testing-performance-engineering
There is more to performance engineering than just testing. Done right, performance engineering means understanding how all the parts of the system fit together, and building in performance from the first design. Making the journey from performance testing to performance engineering isn't easy. But the proven practices established over years of observation can help you on your way.

Getting from #performance testing to performance engineering: https://t.co/4eE8Qe3wdM @TechBeaconCom @appperfeng — CloudBees (@electriccloud) December 8, 2015

5Can DevOps and Agile Save the Planet? US.Gov Thinks So

By @bethstack | Published on @TheRegister http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/12/08/can_devops_agile_save_planet_usgov_thinks_yes/
Whacking DevOps on your business card doesn’t make you instantly more valuable. It could also make you a certified guardian of the planet too. Or at least, certified software supplier to the guardians of the planet. At least that’s what we think the US’s Environmental Protection Agency is getting at with its latest efforts to corral environmentally conscious suppliers of digital services to create an Environmental Digital Services marketplace.

Can Devops and Agile save the planet? https://t.co/0SMhtgpofN thinks so https://t.co/K7JK48YY4h @TheRegister #devops #agile

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) December 8, 2015

6Why Integration Testing Matters More than Ever: 6 Best Practices for CI

By @ramihonig | Published on @TechBeaconCom
How does integration testing fit into a continuous integration (CI) environment? What does the term even mean in the context of DevOps, where code is constantly refactored and expanded with new functionality? Cut through the confusion with insights from the experts and six best practices you can apply today.

Why #integration testing matters more than ever: 6 best practices for #CI : https://t.co/rYfiuayz4N @TechBeaconCom — CloudBees (@electriccloud) December 9, 2015

7Is There a Correlation between Employee Happiness and Agile?

By Joe Feccorata | Published on @InfoQ http://www.infoq.com/articles/correlation-happiness-agile
We all know that Google has managed to sit atop the Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for in 2015. Which of these others made it? Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, or Amazon?
You got it - not one of them. And this is despite many of them offering similar perks - the fancy, millennial-friendly offices, free food, massages, dry-cleaning, generous paychecks right out of college, and hipster-approved social status. The fact that Tech Titans don’t dominate the Fortune 100 list makes no sense. These companies really dote on their employees, with perks that would be impossible to imagine at most other firms. What’s the deal? Is it possible that the culture of Silicon Valley has some cracks in it? More interestingly, does Agile have anything to offer the Tech Titans? I think it does.

Does #agile mean happiness? According to Joe Feccorata, the correlation is real: https://t.co/eghWslo7Lr @InfoQ
— CloudBees (@electriccloud) December 9, 2015

8Getting Rugged DevOps Right

By @weekstweets | Published by @devopsdotcom http://devops.com/2015/12/10/getting-rugged-devops-right/
Jack, an accomplished application security pro, tells me, “The developers won’t talk to us. It’s like we speak a different language. They are releasing new builds so fast, how could they check each one for security vulnerabilities? We can’t move as fast as they do.” Then in the next moment, Diane, a DevOps pro, let’s me know, “Our current security team’s tools and practices can’t keep up with the pace we have now established. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t get done here.” I have heard this little ditty ‘bout Jack & Diane so often in the past two years, it could be a hit record. I imagine you have heard it too. &

"Getting #RuggedDevOps Right" https://t.co/y7fO6gziw7 by @weekstweets #DevOps #DevOpsSec #Security #IT #Developer pic.twitter.com/itOzla5UKM — DevOps.com (@devopsdotcom) December 10, 2015

9DevLoves Open Source. Ops Needs Scale. Now What?

By Joe Senner| Published on @devopsdotcom
At the heart of the divide between Dev and Ops are the very different needs and constraints of each organization. Traditionally their day-to-day lives are very different. So are their war stories. And so are the metrics that are traditionally used to judge Dev and Ops. Predictably, the two organizations can end up internally competing with one another over (among other things) resources and IT automation tool selection. Part of the driving force behind the DevOps movement is to reduce this unproductive internal competition. Even with the increased levels of trust and communication that DevOps fosters, IT Operations teams will still have different criteria for IT automation than their colleagues in Dev.

.#DevOps loves #OpenSource : https://t.co/q4eGgY6Mxz @devopsdotcom pic.twitter.com/2hkSYxX5ak

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) December 10, 2015

10Internet of Things and DevOps with Anders Wallgren

By @anders_wallgren | Published on @software_daily http://softwareengineeringdaily.com/2015/12/10/internet-of-things-and-devops-with-anders-wallgren/
The Internet of Things era is upon us, and with it the related concerns of security, privacy and reliability of the connected systems. This episode explores these issues and how companies can prevent these problems through better development processes and lifecycle management. Anders Wallgren is the CTO of CloudBees, which builds products to help companies optimize their software build, test, and deployment process.

Podcast: Internet of Things and DevOps with Anders Wallgren https://t.co/KMcShIr9bS @anders_wallgren @electriccloud #IoT #devops

— SE Daily (@software_daily) December 10, 2015

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