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It was an exciting week in the DevOps world. IT Revolution and Puppet Lab’s released their 2015 State of DevOps Report , CloudBees announced our new partnership with Arynga, and Ken Brioddagh educated readers that The IoT Is in Your Car, and That Means We Need a Change . Truthfully, what we are seeing now is, no matter where DevOps is occurring, it is making big changes.
Modern software delivery techniques such asDevOps and Continuous Delivery increase software speed and quality , but this massive influx of code being written and deployed can also introduce risk. Derek Weeks taught us what it means when Good Code Goes Bad , “bugs and defects, are bound to happen at some point. No one and no code is immune from these issues.” However, George Hulme offered insight on how DevOps principles increase enterprise IT efficiency .
As it always tends to be in technology, the new way of doing things – collaboratively, responsively and rapidly – through DevOps, has become an “adapt or die” evolution . For more on the trends we have seen grow in the last year, what leaders predict will happen in the next year and the changes happening right now, check out more from this week’s top news below.

1 DevOps isn't a matter of speed, it's all about software quality

By @mjasay | Published on @TechRepublic
There are many things that enterprises can and should outsource. IT, however, isn't one of them. In fact, as the Puppet Labs 2015 State of DevOps Report reveals, treating IT like a core competency is one of the best ways to ensure better software, both in terms of deployment velocity and reduction in failure. Interestingly, taking a DevOps approach, wherein organizations center on continuous deployment, may well be one of the absolute best ways to reflect how seriously an enterprise takes its job.

#DevOps isn't a matter of speed, it's all about software quality - via @mjasay @TechRepublic http://t.co/mSqghdhNmB pic.twitter.com/roBttvnnJp

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 20, 2015

2 The IoT Is in Your Car, and That Means We Need a Change

By @KenBriodagh | Published on @IoTEvolution http://www.iotevolutionworld.com/smart-transport/articles/407140-iot-your-car-that-means-we-need-change.htm
The key element seemingly forgotten in the rush to connect the cars is security. The point was strikingly made in a recent Wired article by Andy Greenberg that outlined the results of a hacking experiment in which a pair of sophisticated crackers take control of the writer’s Jeep Cherokee to disengage the transmission while the vehicle was in motion on the interstate and cut the brakes, forcing the driver to put the SUV into a ditch. All wirelessly from a laptop miles away and using a simple exploit that only required the vehicle’s easily-obtained ISP for its cellular connection. Though this test used a Fiat/Chrysler, the article makes clear that there are dozens of similarly vulnerable vehicles from almost every major automaker.

The #IoT Is in Your Car, and That Means We Need a Change: http://t.co/9uFwPlNFo3 @IoTEvolution @KenBriodagh @Arynga1 pic.twitter.com/D62NW64I9M — CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 23, 2015

3 When Good Code Goes Bad

By @weekstweets | Published on @devopsdotcom
Milk spoils. Iron rusts. And in software, good code goes bad. Yet the difference is, with the first two, you know the change has occurred. With software, those changes are not always obvious.
Your 5,100 Binaries Went Bad. There is no way to prevent software from “going bad”. As with all products, bugs and defects, are bound to happen at some point. No one and no code is immune from these issues. But who’s looking for the 5,100 software components in your organization that went bad last year (meaning new security vulnerabilities were discovered in them)? It’s all too likely, no one.

Insightful piece from @weekstweets on @devopsdotcom - http://t.co/fxLc2raptc https://t.co/YF90LIV00p

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) July 22, 2015

4 DevOps principles increase enterprise IT efficiency

By @RBGatesTT | Published on @TechTarget http://searchdatacenter.techtarget.com/news/4500250289/DevOps-principles-increase-enterprise-IT-efficiency
Gary Gruver was ahead of his time when, nearly a decade ago, he used DevOps principles to alleviate congestion in the software development process at one of the world's largest printer manufacturers. The practice known as DevOps had yet to emerge in 2007 and then was better known as agile software development.

5 Gene Kim Of IT Revolution, Anders Wallgren Of CloudBees, Members Of DevOps Enterprise Summit And The DevOps Community To Host Live CrowdChat On How To Accelerate DevOps Transformations

Published on @PRNewswire http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gene-kim-of-it-revolution-anders-wallgren-of-electric-cloud-members-of-devops-enterprise-summit-and-the-devops-community-to-host-live-crowdchat-on-how-to-accelerate-devops-transformations-300116519.html
DevOps practices are being adopted by some of the largest and most innovative organizations on the planet that see the benefits across a wide range of industries and business functions. Kim, Wallgren and DOES15 participants will talk about how these business transformations are taking place and large enterprises are adopting DevOps and scaling their DevOps implementation to accelerate software delivery and remain competitive in today's software-driven market.

6 Puppet Labs' 2015 State of DevOps report: What role does IT leadership play?

By @benkepes | Published on @NetworkWorld http://www.networkworld.com/article/2947336/applications/puppet-labs-releases-2015-state-of-devops-report-effective-devops-starts-with-it-leadership.html
DevOps is a funny term that will sound very much like inside baseball for those outside of the technology industry. It is, however, a complex-sounding term for a simple movement. The idea of DevOps (itself a conjunction of the term developer operations) is that those who build applications should have an active role in, and an understanding of, the operational management of those apps.

Here we go! @puppetlabs ' 2015 State of #DevOps report: What role does IT leadership play? http://t.co/QvwuxfYIoS @benkepes @NetworkWorld
— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) July 20, 2015

7 Meeting the Relentless Mobile App Demand of the Enterprise

By @georgevhulme | Published on @devopsdotcom
Talk to any CIO today and one of the most pressing challenges they face is building mobile apps that enterprises want to use as fast as they need them. Most enterprises today have huge mobile app backlogs with no sign of it getting any better.
According to Gartner, the demand for enterprise mobile apps will be a $40 billion market by next year. And, according to its latest enterprise application trend findings, by the time 2017 comes to an end, market demand for mobile app dev services will grow five times faster, or more, than internal IT organizations’ ability to meet that demand. Gartner forecasts mobile phone sales will reach 2.1 billion units by 2019.

8 Top Advantages of DevOps and Continuous Delivery

By @dmccaff | Published on @CIOInsight
CIOs and their tech teams are constantly under the gun to test and launch digital products and services faster–at lower costs. Fortunately, there are two increasingly popular ways to do so: continuous delivery and DevOps. A report from McKinsey & Company, titled "Finding the Speed to Innovate," illustrates the following advantages of both approaches, along with best practices for implementation.

9 Control Versus Freedom: The Most Important Balance In Business Leadership

By @NaftaliGarber7 | Published on @MeetAdvisors
As a business owner, you will often find yourself at a fork in the road. You will ask yourself, “Which direction will benefit my business to the fullest? Left or right?” Coming up with the answer and making the decision is never easy, but having a strong, supportive team makes it a lot less stressful. When the time comes to make these decisions, do not panic. Think out loud and then logically make the decision. Here are a few companies that have properly dealt with making the toughest decisions they had to make as business owners.

10 Five years of software trends: What businesses need to know

By @thoughtworks | Published on @ITProPortal http://www.itproportal.com/2015/07/22/five-years-software-trends-what-businesses-need-to-know/#ixzz3gpA1qqw9
In the world of technology- now moving faster than ever before – staying ahead of the game is critical to business success. This also involves being able to take action fast to implement and employ new tools and resources to keep up with customer demand and remain competitive.
At ThoughtWorks, we have developed the Tech Radar to identify important changes in software development that organisations should pay attention to and consider using in projects.

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