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There was a lot of great news coming out of @electriccloud and @DOESsummit this week. We saw plenty of examples of DevOps being applied, and even more so, working . It is changing the way people, organizations and entire industries operate. In “How DevOps is changing the business of IT consulting ,” by Jacob McMillen, the author listed several positive impacts of DevOps including, ROI, team empowerment, tractability in deployment and enhanced end product reliability. In articles such as “7 DevOps roles you need to succeed ”, “3 steps to futureproofing a business with digital transformation ” and “How using DevOps can make you more relevant ”, readers are given actionable, applicable advice on how to make modern software delivery techniques work for them. Adrian Cockcroft explained how the cloud is headed forward through these practices and were also given the answers on how to do this best for ourselves in “Finding the best path for your cloud migration strategy ”. So, no matter where you are in your DevOps journey, read on for tips, tricks, and advice on how to get to the next step. Also, stay tuned to the questions coming next week from @DOESsummit with #DOES15 for your chance to win a signed copy of Gene Kim’s Phoenix Project or free pass for DevOps Enterprise Summit!

1 DockerCon Hackathon: Continuous Dockery

By @tanayciousd | Published on @DZone Last year, team CloudBees participated in the first annual DockerCon Hackathon, and won as one of the top-three submissions. This year, Nikhil and I returned to a bigger and badder hackathon event, evidence of Docker’s massive growth.

DockerCon Hackathon: Continuous Dockery https://t.co/z1ZRjwXruc @dzone #dockercon @tanayciousd @therealnikhil pic.twitter.com/d9lYeFfy2V

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 10, 2015

2 7 DevOps roles you need to succeed

By @stephanieoverby | Published on @TechBeaconCom http://techbeacon.com/7-devops-roles-you-need-succeed Nearly every IT organization wants to embrace DevOps, and the promise of increased software development speed and greater business agility that stems from streamlining and accelerating the interactions between development and operations. The problem is that there's no easy or quick way to get there.

7 DevOps roles you need to succeed: http://t.co/moVTHJDrHG @stephanieoverby @TechBeaconCom @RohitAntao #devops pic.twitter.com/xET1F5qiL2

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 13, 2015

3 3 steps to futureproofing a business with digital transformation

Published on @InformationAge http://www.information-age.com/it-management/strategy-and-innovation/123459826/3-steps-futureproofing-business-digital-transformation#.dpuf Recently the British Bankers’ Association reportedthat the use of bank branches fell 6 last year as customers embraced internet banking, which has grown 10 year-on-year. Across the board, 87 of companies feel the digital transformation is a competitive opportunity – yet to become true digital enterprises their user-experience must become central to their competitive offering. Bearing this in mind, there are three simple steps that businesses can follow as they strive to achieve this goal.

3 steps to futureproofing a #business with digital transformation http://t.co/M42UAH184c @InformationAge #DevOps pic.twitter.com/Daa8WF0ogb — CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 15, 2015

4 Adrian Cockcroft on the Future of the Cloud

By @woodswrites | Published on @techvibes http://www.techvibes.com/blog/the-future-of-the-cloud-2015-07-14 The Dun & Bradstreet Cloud Innovation Center recently hosted Adrian Cockcroft, previously the Chief Architect of Cloud Services at Netflix and current Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures, to discuss trends in cloud technology at a talk entitled The Future of Cloud Innovation. At the event, he presented an hour-long, highly accessible presentation touching on cloud adoption, predictions for cloud services in 2015, and how cloud-native applications and continuous delivery can improve the rate of innovation and disruption.

Adrian Cockcroft on the Future of the #Cloud : http://t.co/vs4mW9c5lS @adrianco @techvibes #ContinuousDelivery pic.twitter.com/ZRM5MHlyYR — DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) July 15, 2015

5 How DevOps is changing the business of IT consulting

By @jmcmillen89 | Published on @Econsultancy https://econsultancy.com/blog/66702-how-devops-is-changing-the-business-of-it-consulting DevOps is a new trend becoming popular among information technology professionals. It is a method in software development that emphasizes the need for communication, integration, collaboration, automation, and the measurement of cooperative efforts among software developers and IT professionals. It is also making waves in the business of IT consulting.

How #DevOps is changing the business of #IT consulting: https://t.co/gtxnEymVca @jmcmillen89 @Econsultancy pic.twitter.com/uMQI2d2AJy

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) July 15, 2015

6 How using DevOps can make you more relevant

By @ashleyhowden | Published on @CIOonline http://www.cio.com.au/article/579683/how-using-devops-can-make-more-relevant/ The conventional view of IT deployment is something that’s slow, arduous and not very much in line with the fast pace of today’s business environment. But that view is starting to change. The needs of IT deployments are shifting towards a more agile function that responds efficiently to business needs and problems; and not an adjunct process removed from a company’s core activities.

How using #DevOps can make you more relevant http://t.co/a7c1ASxID3 pic.twitter.com/g8MeDPWGtw

— DOES Summit (@DOESsummit) July 15, 2015

7 A Software Road Trip From SouthBySouthWest(SxSW) to South China: What I Learned about Mobile, IoT and Continuous Delivery

By @pDendi | Published on @electriccloud https://electric-cloud.com/blog/2015/07/a-software-road-trip-from-southbysouthwestsxsw-to-south-china-what-i-learned-about-mobile-iot-and-continuous-delivery I had the pleasure to speak at the South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival in March in the lively city of Austin, Texas – lots of fun and I urge anyone to go if you have never been. Next, we formally launched Ship.io, our mobile SaaS platform for continuous delivery of mobile apps, out of a successful beta and into commercial availability in April. And after that, members of my team and I had the opportunity to travel to Shenzhen in southern China – where our experience re-emphasized the fact that technology innovation continues to occur continuously across the globe.

Software Road Trip From @SXSW to South China: http://t.co/c7bbPlEmh9 @pDendi @ShipApps #ContinuousDelivery #IoT pic.twitter.com/OYnM7HKfph — CloudBees (@electriccloud) July 16, 2015

8 Security Breaks DevOps – Here’s How to Fix It

Published on @devopsdotcom http://devops.com/2015/07/08/security-breaks-devops-heres-how-to-fix-it/ The concepts of communication, collaboration, abstraction, automation and orchestration are cornerstones of the rapidly growing DevOps movement. At the same time reliance on virtualized infrastructure and Infrastructure-as-a-Service has exploded, making manual provisioning and management simply not feasible anymore; it takes too long and locks up too many resources. Modern DevOps methods and tools have emerged, allowing IT organizations to move faster and with higher quality, thus giving them the ability to respond to the business with more agility.

9 Findingthe best path for your cloud migration strategy

By @kknapp86 | Published on @TTintheCloud http://searchcloudcomputing.techtarget.com/feature/Finding-the-best-path-for-your-cloud-migration-strategy Like so many things in IT, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to migrating applications to the cloud. In fact, an organization chooses its application migration path based on a range of factors -- everything from an application's age, to whether it was developed externally or in-house, will shape how it moves to and performs in the cloud.

10 The three flavors of DevOps: Developer-driven vs. operations-driven vs. Platform 2.5

By CTOAdvisor | Published on @TechRepublic http://www.techrepublic.com/article/the-three-flavors-of-devops-developer-driven-vs-operations-driven-vs-platform-2-5/ It's tempting for traditional industries to look toward DevOps as a method for improving agility; however, similar to the private vs. public cloud argument, the DevOps methodology is not about technical capability. Successful DevOps is an organizational challenge. I break DevOps into three categories: developer-driven, operations-driven, and a Platform 2.5 type of environment.

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