Weekly Top 10: Agile, DevOps Adoption and “NoOps"

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With the media buzzing around Agile and DevOps, it seems as if they are commonplace practices in the enterprise once and for all. However, this week’s headlines prove that there is still a lot of learning to do. In this week’s top news, you will find best practices for the tough task of getting the entire organization on the DevOps train and how to overcome some of the most common challenges in Agile adoption . Looking for something more controversial? Read up on how the rise of “serverless” computing is scaring IT operations specialists who fear a future with “NoOps.
Continue reading for more on the latest DevOps news and trends, and, as always, stay tuned to all the news coming from @ElectricCloud on DevOps and Continuous Delivery throughout the week.

1 Serverless Computing Supporters Ponder NoOps

By @PariseauTT | Published on @TechTarget http://searchitoperations.techtarget.com/news/450297503/Serverless-computing-supporters-ponder-NoOps
First, it was cloud computing, then it was platform as a service -- and now, the latest threat to the IT ops specialization, some say, is the rise of serverless computing. The idea of NoOps -- the concept that automation, abstraction and outsourcing to cloud service providers eliminates the need for IT operations entirely -- has been around for years, but the IT ops species has yet to go extinct. Is it just a matter of time?

Is "NoOps" the future? https://t.co/p1V6oPv9zx @PariseauTT @TechTarget

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) June 1, 2016

2Complexities of Connecting Everything: Teams, Devices and Code

By @audidv | Published on @iotagenda http://internetofthingsagenda.techtarget.com/blog/IoT-Agenda/Complexities-of-connecting-everything-Teams-devices-and-code
“There’s no ‘I’ in team.” Sure, we’re all in this together, working hard to get the next big thing in the IoT space to market. And we know we depend on each other for our stuff to work … But streamlining your IoT development processes across different teams is no easy task.

Complexities of #connecting everything: #Teams , devices and #code , per Andreas Dharmawan: https://t.co/uzcXAnyeRW @iotagenda

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) June 2, 2016

3Security From the Start: Using DevOps for Secure Collaboration

By @billannibell | Published on @GCNtech https://gcn.com/articles/2016/05/23/devops-security.aspx
The 21st century has ushered in the age of software. Not only being leveraged to develop applications, software now defines how we interact with hardware resources within the private cloud and our own datacenters, networks and infrastructures. The potential speed at which systems and applications can be deployed is inhibited only by our own organizational cultures.

#Security from the start: Using #DevOps for secure #collaboration https://t.co/FP527aDQye @GCNtech @billannibell pic.twitter.com/OgvY0FvXzW

— Avantika Mathur (@avantika_ec) May 24, 2016

4The Omnichannel Customer Experience is Poised to Take Off in Regulated Industries

By @clarashih | Published on @techcrunch http://techcrunch.com/2016/05/26/the-omnichannel-customer-experience-is-poised-to-take-off-in-regulated-industries/
The omnichannel customer experience is nothing new, especially in the consumer and retail industries. Many companies and brands are using data and automation technologies to engage seamlessly with their customers at any time and place and across any device.

The omnichannel customer experience is poised to take off in regulated industries https://t.co/5T9OJ2T6Ex @techcrunch

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) June 1, 2016

5 7 Habits of Highly Effective Developers

By @PaulRubens1 | Published on @CIOonline http://www.cio.com/article/3077833/developer/7-habits-of-highly-effective-developers.html
Larry Wall, the original author of the Perl programming language, once said that great programmers have three virtues: laziness, impatience and hubris. Laziness because it drives them to write labor-saving programs and document them well so they won't have to answer questions about them. Impatience because it motivates them to write programs that anticipate your needs. And hubris because it makes them want to write tight code that other people won't criticize.

7 habits of highly effective #developers : https://t.co/djDNsTHxZx @PaulRubens1 @CIOonline

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) June 1, 2016

6From Dev to Ops to Management: How to Get The Whole Organisation Understanding DevOps

By Chloe Green| Published on @InformationAge http://www.information-age.com/technology/applications-and-development/123461512/dev-ops-management-how-get-whole-organisation-understanding-devops
If you're managing an IT team, you're certainly aware of DevOps and its growing popularity as a community of practice and a set of principles - and a path to delivering better software, faster. Here are a few ideas for working with your operations team, software development team and management that should help make your DevOps initiative successful.

How to get the whole organization understanding #DevOps https://t.co/sylJvfAuPW @InformationAge pic.twitter.com/asKzjFcbyC

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) May 26, 2016

75 Challenges to Adopting Agile Development and How to Overcome Them

By Tim Sorweid | Published on @businessdotcom http://www.business.com/technology/five-challenges-to-adopting-agile-and-how-to-overcome-them/
Moving your organization to Agile won’t be the easiest objective you’ve signed up for in your career, but the benefits of the end game will reap rewards for years to follow. The most important thing you can do is to have a well-orchestrated plan and execute deliberately with your eyes wide open.

5 Challenges to Adopting #Agile Development and How to Overcome Them: https://t.co/5E61Vke36c @businessdotcom

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) June 2, 2016

8The Road to DevOps: How Enterprises Can Meet the Challenge

By Christian Paulus | Published on @AppsTechNews http://www.appstechnews.com/news/2016/jun/02/road-devops-how-enterprises-can-meet-challenge/
Few initiatives spark more turmoil within IT organisations than the shift from traditional software development and delivery to a more modern, DevOps-based approach. That’s a shame, because DevOps is a superior approach when compared to yesterday’s waterfall-style methods.

The road to #DevOps : How #enterprises can meet the challenge https://t.co/4atFI90NHg @AppsTechNews pic.twitter.com/oQFimLW1Ml

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) June 2, 2016

9The Symbiotic Relationship of DevOps and Open Source

By @TechSpective | Published on @TechSpective http://techspective.net/2016/06/01/symbiotic-relationship-devops-open-source/
DevOps is a relatively recent phenomenon—especially compared to the world of open source. While DevOps and open source are two entirely separate things, though, the reality is that it’s difficult to separate the two at this point. Many open source projects rely on DevOps tools and principles, and DevOps depends heavily on open source applications as both the glue that binds it all together and the engine that keeps everything moving. A new report from DevOps.com, “DevOps and Open Source,” digs in to understand the symbiotic relationship driving the next generation of IT.

The Symbiotic Relationship of #DevOps and #OpenSource https://t.co/Dax4vWYfY9 @TechSpective pic.twitter.com/3iSKl7AiDA

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) June 1, 2016

10The First Step Towards Becoming Agile

By @anandesh | Published on @tech2eets http://tech.firstpost.com/biztech/the-first-step-towards-becoming-agile-318118.html
The way we do business today has changed; with new and disruptive business models entering the industry on a regular basis, the rules of the game are being constantly re-written. Among the many changes that are occurring, the most significant one is that business no longer has a physical address. The traditional idea of where one transacts has been entirely overhauled. As a result, how we approach new customers and service existing ones has assumed a mobile and collaborative flavour.

The first steps toward becoming #Agile : https://t.co/l3muR9Fkw2 @anandesh @tech2eets pic.twitter.com/QUvYgEbUuv

— CloudBees (@electriccloud) June 1, 2016

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